GerManC. A Historical Corpus of German Newspapers 1650-1800


GerManC. A Historical Corpus of German Newspapers 1650-1800


Durrell, Martin (ed.); Ensslin, Astrid (ed.); Bennett, Paul (ed.)


Distributed by the University of Oxford under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. This is a very liberal license that grants certain rights for non-commercial use, especially your right to use GerManC for your own research, but also reserves certain rights for the original creators of GerManC.

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Various. See source file : sources.doc : . Various German newspapers Germany: 1650-1800

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The corpus consists of 45 text samples of some 200 words each from German newspapers of the early modern period 1650-1800. There are three texts each from five German regions - North Germany, West Germany, East Central Germany, South-West Germany (including Switzerland) and South-East Germany (including Austria) - for each fifty year sub-period. The corpus consists first of a set of unannoted text files contained in sets of folders for each region and period, and also of files with each individual text, and secondly of a set of xml files each of which contains one fully annotated text, organised into folders according to sub-period and region. In addition there is a documentation file which provides a full account of each stage of the corpus construction and annotation, together with any necessary modification of TEI standards. This file also contains a complete reference list of all the names of places, organisations and historical personages occuring in the corpus. Finally, a source file provides full bibiographic details of the original texts

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