The Lancaster Newsbooks Corpus


The Lancaster Newsbooks Corpus


McEnery, Tony (ed.); Hardie, Andrew (ed.)


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Great Britain--History--1066-1687

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Between 2001 and 2007

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Thomason collection of Civil War tracts : copyflo set — Thomason Tracts Thomason, George, d. 1666 British Library London: RAX Thomason.E 1, etc. , etc. Open Access Request :

Note: A set of bound photocopies of a collection of printed pamphlets, books and newspapers, 1640-1661. The originals are in the British Library at shelfmarks E1-E1938, E2103-E2143, and E2255-E2272.


This corpus consists of two collections of seventeenth-century English "newsbooks". They address a wide range of news (especially foreign and political news) from the time of their publication (the first 5 and a half months of Oliver Cromwell's reign as Lord Protector). Important contemporary events include Glencairn's Rebellion in Scotland, the negotiation of a peace with Holland, and Queen Christina of Sweden's abdication.

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