Heinrich von Mügeln, Der Tum


Heinrich von Mügeln, Der Tum [Electronic resource]


Stackmann, Karl; Stolz, Michael


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German, Middle High (ca. 1050-1500)

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Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint
German poetry--Middle High German, 1050-1500
German literature--Middle High German, 1050-1500

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Die kleineren Dichtungen Heinrichs von Mügeln. Erste Abteilung: Die Spruchsammlung des Göttinger Cod. Stackmann, Karl : (Deutsche Texte des Mittelalters 50 - 52), 2nd vol, p. 147 - 181 Berlin: 1959 :



'Der Tum' is a German poem dedicated to the virgin Mary, composed by Heinrich von Mügeln in the mid of the 14th century. Containing allegorical and typological images for the incarnation of Christ, it is written in an elaborated rhetorical style ('geblümter Stil') that follows Latin models. The 72 strophes correspond to the medieval conception of the 72 languages of mankind. Besides the general mariological topic the poem deals with contemporaneous questions of poetology and language theory: how can the mystery of the incarnation be expressed by human language?

Stolz, Michael. 1996. ‹Tum›-Studien. Zur dichterischen Gestaltung im Marienpreis Heinrichs von Mügeln, Tübingen/ Basel (Bibliotheca Germanica 36).

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