Corpus of Early English Correspondence Sampler (CEECS)


Corpus of Early English Correspondence Sampler (CEECS)


Keränen, Jukka (ed.); Nevala, Minna (ed.); Nevalainen, Terttu (ed.); Nurmi, Arja (ed.); Palander-Collin, Minna (ed.); Raumolin-Brunberg, Helena (ed.)


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Corpus of Early English Correspondence (CEEC)


The 0.45 million word Corpus of Early English Correspondence Sampler (CEECS) was created from the larger Corpus of Early English Correspondence. CEECS covers the years 1418-1680 and consists of 1147 letters written by 194 writers. The selection criteria were arbitrary, as only 23 editions which were no longer in copyright could be included. Despite the arbitrary selection criteria, the corpus is a fairly representative sample of the full corpus, giving similar results for the timing of changes over the period covered (see Nurmi 2002).

Nurmi, Arja. 1999. "The Corpus of Early English Correspondence Sampler (CEECS)". ICAME Journal 23, 53-64.

Nurmi, Arja. 2002. "Does Size Matter? The Corpus of Early English Correspondence and its Sampler." In Raumolin-Brunberg, Helena, Minna Nevala, Arja Nurmi and Matti Rissanen (Eds). Variation Past and Present: VARIENG Studies on English for Terttu Nevalainen. Helsinki: Société Néophilologique, 173-84.

Contents: File 1 (CEECS1.txt); File 2 (CEECS2.txt). Individual collections (listed in the manual) can be found by searching for the B parameter code at the beginning of each collection.

Nurmi, Arja (Ed). 1998. Manual for the Corpus of Early English Correspondence Sampler (CEECS). Available online at:

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