Stellenbibliographie zum "Parzifal" Wolframs von Eschenbach für die Jahrgänge 1984-1996


Stellenbibliographie zum "Parzifal" Wolframs von Eschenbach für die Jahrgänge 1984-1996


Eschenbach, Wolfram von, 12th century


Yeandle, David N. (ed.); Magner, Carol (ed.)


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Myths and legends--13th century

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German literature--Bibliography
German literature--Middle High German, 1050-1500

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Stellenbibliographie zum "Parzival" Wolframs von Eschenbach für die Jahrgänge 1984-1996 Eschenbach, Wolfram von, 12th century Yeandle, David N.; Magner, Carol Niemeyer Tübingen: 2002 ISBN 348497009X :




This database provides the complete text of the Middle High German Arthurian Romance Parzival by Wolfram von Eschenbach (ca. 1200-1210), together with a complete bibliography of literature referring to individual lines of his work for the period 1984-1996. Future editions will increase the period covered. The text of Parzival is accompanied by line-by-line bibliographical references. These are groups thematically and thereafter chronologically. From this display, hyperlinks lead to full bibliographical details of works and to a complete listing of individual topics. From the main index, there are links to the following additional indices: topics (enabling hierarchical and alphabetic thematic searching), authors (where all line references are grouped thematically for a given author's work), words in secondary literature titles (enabling specific searches for individual concepts), work types (enabling the user to search e.g.for books, articles, translations, commentaries), work languages (enabling the user to search e.g. just for works in English), and work dates (enabling the user to refine the search for a specific year or years). In every index, extensive hyperlinks lead the user to further related information. Extensive online help is available at every point.

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