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The IViE Corpus [Electronic resource]


Grabe, Esther (ed.); Post, Brechtje (ed.); Nolan, Francis (ed.)


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Recordings for the IViE corpus were made between 1997 and 2000, in nine urban locations in the British Isles: London (Second generation Caribbean English), Cambridge, Cardiff (Welsh English), Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford (Punjabi English), Newcastle, Belfast and Dublin. In each location, six male and six female adolescents were recorded in their secondary schools. All speakers took part in the same set of tasks, eliciting 5 speaking styles: 1. a read lists of sentences with various grammatical structures, 2. a read passage of text, 3.a retold version of the passage of text. interactive game and conversation about a given topic. In total, the IViE corpus contains 36 hours of speech data from 108 speakers.

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