Civilised Britain 43AD : prior to the Roman "invasion"


Civilised Britain 43AD : prior to the Roman "invasion"


Francis, Louis


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English; Greek, Ancient (to 1453)

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Academic dissertations -- Great Britain -- 20th century

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The material of this treatise formed part of an unpublished degree dissertation presented to University College London in May 1991 and the copyright is vested in the author, Louis Francis.


This is a treatise on the identity of Britain during the years 55BC to 43AD and argues that the region south-east of the Jurassic Ridgeway rapidly became a client state of Rome after the departure of Julius Caesar. Although there were periods of internecine warfare amongst the individual tribes where various warlords held sway, by the time of Cunobelinus a client state relationship was well in hand which made it logical for the dispossessed son of Cunobelinus to seek aid after his father's death. Thus Aulus Plautius led only a small force to quell what was in fact a small rebellion. The fact that Claudius used the occasion to bolster his claim to the Empire was a completely separate issue

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