The tempest : [1623 Folio] / William Shakespeare


The tempest : [1623 Folio] / William Shakespeare


Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616


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This text follows the 1623 first folio printing of The Tempest by William Shakespeare

The text will be progressively checked and modified to conform to the facsimile edition edited by Charlton Hinman and published by W.W. Norton and Company in 1996

That edition was composed page by page from a number of first folio copies and does not represent any single extant copy of the 1623 impression

Instead, it is an edition compiled from all the individual pages that Hinman concluded to have been checked or corrected last by the printers

We have not included the introductory material from the Hinman edition, nor have we included catchwords, graphics or page detailings

Paragraph, page divisions and punctuation have been checked against the original

All direct speech has been represented by quotation entity references

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English drama -- Early modern and Elizabethan, 1500-1600

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The tempest : [1623 Folio] Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 Hinman, Charlton xxxvii, 928 p. : facsim. ; 37 cm W.W. Norton New York ; London: 1996 0393039854

Note: At head of title: The Norton Shakespeare Library collection. In slip case

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