The preface to the second edition of Sarah Fielding's The Adventures of David Simple


The preface to the second edition of Sarah Fielding's The Adventures of David Simple


Fielding, Henry, 1707-1754


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The preface — The adventures of David Simple : containing an account of his travels through the cities of London and Westminster, in search of a real friend / by a lady Fielding, Henry, 1707-1754 Printed for A. Millar London: 1744

Note: The adventures were written by Sarah Fielding


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Publication based on this text: A computer-aided study of the prose style of Henry Fielding and its support for his translation of The military history of Charles XII / Michael Farringdon, Jill Farringdon. -- p. 95-105. In Advances in computer-aided literary and linguistic research : proceedings of the fifth international symposium on computers in literary and linguistic research held at the University of Aston in Birmingham, UK from 3-7 April 1978 / edited with an introduction by D.E. Ager, F.E. Knowles, Joan Smith. -- Aston : University of Aston, Department of Modern Languages, 1979. -- ISBN 0-903807-64-5.

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