Hero and Leander


Hero and Leander


Marlowe, Christopher, 1564-1593


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Poems -- England -- 16th century

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Not recorded. (First published in 1598.)


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This text contains the first two of the six "sestiads" only. These were the work of Marlowe before his death; the other four being written by George Chapman who also coined the term "sestiad" by analogy to "Illiad" -- the poem is set in a place called Sestos. Marlowe's work covers the period between the first meeting and eventual union of Hero and Leander.

Publication based on this text: A concordance to the works of Christopher Marlowe / by Louis Ule. -- Hildesheim ; New York : Georg Olms Verlag, 1979. -- (The Elizabethan concordance series ; 1). -- Cover title: A concordance to the works of Marlowe. -- "The works of Christopher Marlowe, edited by C.F. Tucker Brooke was selected as the text for this concordance. This text ... is reproduced side-by-side with the modern spelling text used for computer processing"--Intro.

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