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Henryson, Robert, 1430?-1506?


Smith, G. Gregory (George Gregory), 1865-1932 (ed.)


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Scottish poetry -- 14th century
Poems -- Scotland -- 14th century

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The Annunciation ; The abbay walk ; The bludy serk ; The garmont of gud ladeis ; Aganis haisty credence of titlaris ; The prais of aige ; Ane prayer for the pest ; The ressoning betuix aige and zowthe ; The ressoning betuix deth and man ; Robene and Makyne ; Sum practysis of medecyne ; The thre deid pollis — The poems of Robert Henryson. Volume III / edited by G. Gregory Smith Henryson, Robert, 1430?-1506? Smith, G. Gregory (George Gregory), 1865-1932 p. 90-168 ; 22 cm Printed for the [Scottish Text] Society by William Blackwood Edinburgh: 1908 : Scot. Text S. ; 1st ser., 58

Note: The Scottish Text Society's edition of The poems of Robert Henryson makes up three volumes of the Society's first series (55, 58, 64), of which the contents: Vol. I. Introduction, appendix, notes, index of words and glossary, general index -- v. II-III. Text

Note: The abbay walk has also been knows as Obey and thank thy God of all


Title proper expanded by cataloguer from single word minor found as a quick reference title at the beginning of the electronic text

Forms part of the Older Scottish Textual Archive (OSTA), a corpus of texts prepared for the Dictionary of the older Scottish tongue

Added information: DOST concordance : notes for instructing operators. -- 1964.

Publication based on this text: Formed basis of quotations in Vols. 4- of: A dictionary of the older Scottish tongue : from the twelfth century to the end of the seventeenth / founded on the collections of Sir William A. Craigie ; [edited by A.J. Aitken...et al.]. -- Chicago, Ill. : Chicago University Press, 1973 ; Aberdeen : Aberdeen University Press, 1983- .

Note on electronic text: The printed source of transcription contains six ms. versions of the poems (Makcullouch, Gray, Bannatyne Draft, Bannatyne, Maitland, Chepman & Myllar), though each individual poem is not necessarily to be found in all six mss. It is not immediately clear which ms. or mss. the transcriber has used. It is possible that the transcriber has produced his own text based all these mss. However, a lack of staff resources prevents a more thorough investigation

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