• Panchatantra
  • A transliteration of the fables of the first two books of the Tantr-akhy-ayika

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Fiction -- India -- 1st-5th century period
Folk tales -- India -- 1st-5th century period
Fables -- India -- 1st-5th century period

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300 BCE

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Tantrakhyayika. Die älteste fassung des Pa[ntilde]catantra. Nach den handschriften beider rezensionem zum ersten male herausgegeben / von Johannes Hertel Hertel, Johannes, 1872- Weidmannsche buchandlung Berlin: 1910 : Abhandlungen der Königlichen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen. Philologisch-historische Klasse ; n.f., bd. XII, nro. 2

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Title proper assembled from beginning of the first file of the text (tantra.2045)

Contents: File 1 (tantra.2045). Transliteration scheme ; File 2 (tantra1.2045). Book I ; File 3 (tantra2.2045). Book II ; File 4 (tantrakhyayika.2045). Readme file [contains information concerning the printed source and software used during the transliteration process]

A collection of ancient Hindu animal fables from their oldest recension, the Kasmirian. Derived from Buddhistic sources, the fables were intended as a manual for instructing the sons of royalty and, though written in prose, are interspersed with aphoristic verse

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