Liber secretus artis occultae. English

  • Liber secretus artis occultae. English
  • The secret book / Artephius



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The secret book / by Artephius (twelfth century) — In pursuit of gold : alchemy in theory and practice / Lapidus ; additions and extractions by Stephen Skinner Lapidus; Skinner, Stephen, 1948- p. 41-64 ; 24cm. Spearman London: 1976 0854350438 Copy consulted for validation: Radcliffe Science Library, Hist. G 30

Note: The secret book is split into two chapters in this book

Note: Original English source (from the Bibliography, p. 172): Nicholas Flammel, his Exposition of the hieroglyphicall figures which he caused to be painted upon an arch in St. Innocents church yard in Paris : with the Secret booke of Artephius and the Epistle of Iohn Pontanus concerning the philosopher stone / done into English out of the French and Latine copies by Eirenus Orandus. -- London : by T. S. for Thomas Walkley, 1624. -- p. 141-235 (partial contents) ; 12vo. -- The secret booke of Artephius has a seperate title page.


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From the introduction: Artephius is said to have written this [work] in the 12th century

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