Altdeutsche Predigten II


Altdeutsche Predigten II [Electronic resource]: Die Oberaltaicher Sammlung


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German, Middle High (ca. 1050-1500)

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Addresses -- Germany -- 14th century
Sermons -- Germany -- 14th century

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Altdeutsche Predigten II: Die Oberaltaicher Sammlung — Altdeutsche Predigten : Texte / herausgegeben von Anton E. Schönbach Schönbach, Anton E. (Anton Emanuel), 1848-1911 v. 2 ; 28 cm. Styria Graz: 1886-1891

Note: The Altdeutsche Predigten was published in three vols.


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The second file contains the same text as the first but with some of the words expanded and different symbols used. The third file contains information about analysing the text by means of the menu-oriented full-text processing component which is provided within the DBMS "kleio".

Sermons in Middle High German for the Sundays and solemn feasts of all the liturgical cycles of the year

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