Ivanhoe / Walter Scott


Ivanhoe / Walter Scott


Scott, Walter, Sir, 1771-1832


Thulin, Anders (ed.)


Distributed by the University of Oxford under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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Editorial Practice

Encoding format: Plain text

Page-breaks have been removed, along with page numbers and column titles

End-of-line hyphenations have been removed and the previously hyphenated word placed at the end of the first text line. The text itself has been the main guide for keeping or removing the hyphens, and in some cases the Centenary Edition has been consulted

Small capitals in names have been replaced by lower-case letters. In those cases where small caps are used to denote extra emphasis, they have been marked up accordingly

Text in (? blackletter) used mainly for song titles has almost always been changed to ordinary text

- - placed around words that are italicized in the text

= = placed around words with extra emphasis -- small caps in the text

{} placed around "The Wardour Manuscript," which according to the printed text should be in "some emphatic mode of printing."

<oe> = oe ligature

<ae> = ae ligature

<a^> = a circumflex

<e'> = e acute

<e^> = e circumflex

Footnotes in the printed text were placed at the foot of the page. In this electronic editon they have been placed immediately after the line in which they are referenced. The footnote callout is always an *. The text of the footnote has been placed, slightly indented, between two empty lines. If the footnote comes at the end of a paragraph, the first line of the following paragraph is indented two spaces, as usual

In Chapter XXIX an additional note to a footnote was placed at the end of the chapter. This note-note has been kept where it occurred but the reference to the original page has been replaced by **

In the printed text, endnotes appeared at the end of each chapter. In this electronic edition all the endnotes appear together at the end of the last chapter of the text

The page numbers of the original footnotes have been replaced by capital letters in alphabetic order

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Fiction -- Great Britain -- 19th century
Novels -- Great Britain -- 19th century

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Ivanhoe — Waverley novels Scott, Walter, Sir, 1771-1832 : New ed. Vols. XVI-XVII ; 18cm. A. Constable [London]: 1895

Note: The Waverley novels are published in 48 vols.


Contents: Changes to the text and Markup conventions. Introduction to Ivanhoe [by the author]. Dedicatory epistle to the Rev. Dr Dryasdust. Ivanhoe. Notes to chapters

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