Tou en agiois

  • Tou en agiois [Electronic resource] / Patros emon Kyrillou Ierosolymon archiepiskopouta ta sozomena
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  • The Catechetical works of St. Cyril of Jerusalem

Cyril, Saint, Bishop of Jerusalem, ca. 315-386


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Greek, Ancient (to 1453)

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Catechisms, Greek -- 4th century

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Tou en agiois — Works Cyril, Saint, Bishop of Jerusalem, ca. 315-386 s.n. s.l.: s.d

Note: Contents: S. Cyrilli. -- St. Cyril of Jerusalem’s lectures on the Christian sacraments, the Procatechesis and the five mystagogical cathecheses. -- F.L. Cross, ed., and R.W. Church, trans. -- London: s.n., 1951; S. Cyrilli. -- Opera quae supersunt omnia, W.C. Reischl and J. Rupp, eds. -- 2 vols. -- Hildesheim : s.n., 1967. -- First ed. Munich: s.n., 1848-1860; Cyrille de Jerusalem. -- Catecheses mystagogiques. -- A. Piedagnel, ed., and P. Paris, trans. -- Paris: s.n., c1966, 1982.

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