A table alphabetical of hard usual English words


A table alphabetical of hard usual English words


Cawdry, Robert


Siemens, Ray (ed.)


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Dictionaries -- England -- 17th century

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A table alphabeticall of hard usual English words (1604) : the first English dictionary / a facsimile reproduction with an intro. by Robert A. Peters Cawdry, Robert xiv, 130 p. ; 23 cm. Scholars' Facsimiles & Reprints Gainesville, Fla.: 1966

Note: "Reproduced from a copy in ... [the] Bodleian Library, Oxford"

Note: Original t.p. reads: A table alphabeticall, conteyning and teaching the true writing, and understanding of hard usuall English wordes, borrowed from the Hebrew, Greeke, Latine, or French, &c. ... London, Printed by I. R. for Edmund Weaver, 1604

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