The rape of the lock


The rape of the lock


Pope, Alexander, 1688-1744


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Poems -- Great Britain -- 18th century

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Taken from The Twickenham edition of the poems of Alexander Pope [facsim. of 1st editions]. No other information is supplied.


The same title appears on all five files

Contents: File 1. 1712 ; File 2. 1714 ; File 3. 1717 ; File 4. 1717 [the same but with page numbers included] ; File 5. 1714 with two additions from 1717 at the end

This poem was originally published in two cantos in 1712. In 1714 it was published again, but this time expanded into five cantos. There were further differences in the 1717 edition. This electronic version offers five files containing these versions in different formats

All page numbers refer to 1714 ed. of the poem

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