Owl and the nightingale (Middle English poem)

  • Owl and the nightingale (Middle English poem)
  • The owl and the nightingale

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English, Middle (1100-1500)

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Poems -- England -- 13th century

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The owl and the nightingale / edited with introduction, texts, notes, and glossary, by J. W. H. Atkins Atkins, J. W. H. (John William Hey), 1874-1951 xc p., 1 l., 231 p. : front. (facsims.) ; 23 cm. University Press Cambridge: 1922

Note: Texts of ms. Cotton Caligula A.IX, from British Library, and Jesus College Oxon. ms. 29 on opposite pages

Note: Authorship formerly attributed to Nicholas de Guildford


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Contents: File 1 (owlc.1684). Cotton ms. version ; File 2 (owlj.1684) Jesus ms. version

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