Der arme Heinrich


Der arme Heinrich


Hartmann, von Aue, 12th cent.


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German, Middle High (ca. 1050-1500)

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ö and ä not distinguished from œ and . The latter forms are used in both cases

Y used after a letter needing a circumflex. For example, in the first line of the text, soy = sô

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Poems -- Germany -- 12th century
Epics -- Germany -- 12th century
Devotional literature -- Germany -- 12th century

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Der arme Heinrich ... / Überlieferung und Herstellung hrsg. von Erich Gierach Hartmann, von Aue, 12th cent. Gierach, Erich, 1881-1943 106 p. Carl Winter Heidelberg: 1913 : Germanische Bibliothek ; B. 3

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