Greene in conceipt new raised from his grave to write the tragique historie of faire Valeria of London


Greene in conceipt new raised from his grave to write the tragique historie of faire Valeria of London [Electronic resource] : wherein is truly discovered the rare and lamentable issue of a husbands dotage, a wives leudnesse, and childrens disobedience / received and reported by J. D.


Dickenson, John, romance writer


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Editorial Practice

Encoding format: Plain text

Same spelling, punctuation, paragraphs, indentations, and dialogue as sources, except those emendations noted in the Text and variants section of Note on the text

Normalization of i/j, u/v, vv/w, the two forms of r and s, all ligatures, all abbreviations or contractions (including ampersand, the macron that represents a missing n or m, the superscript e or t above y to represent the or that, and the superscript t or h above w to represent what or which

Compound words hyphenated when rendered as such in the Oxford English Dictionary

Typographical errors due to missing, superfluous, or inverted type emmended

Capital letters and punctuation regularized

Absent or indeterminate punctuation replaced

Corrections made to the 1598 quarto have been followed where possible, including the contents of the errata note at the end of the Advertisement to the Reader (A4v)

This text is keyed to a commentary (not part of this deposited electronic transcription) which provides present-day meanings for Dickenson's language and notes similar usages in the language of his contemporaries, particularly of Robert Greene

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Fiction -- England -- 16th century
Romances -- England -- 16th century

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Source Description

Transcribed from the two quarto copies of the mss. held at the Huntingdon and Bodleian libraries. Printed, London : Richard Bradocke for William Jones, 1598.

The printed version of the transcription is an MA thesis entitled: John Dickenson's Greene in conceipt, 1598 : a critical edition with commentary / [by Shirley Stacey]. -- Memorial University of Newfoundland, 1991.


Mode of access: Online. OTA website

Contents: greene.1661. Greene in conceipt ; greenedoc.1661. Note on the text [contains full notes on every emmendation made during the transcription of the text]

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