Collection of fairy stories / Chris Hansen


Collection of fairy stories / Chris Hansen


Hansen, Chris (ed.)


Distributed by the University of Oxford under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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Fairy tales

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Fairy tales
English language -- United States -- 20th century

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Collection of fairy stories Hansen, Chris Almanac Listserv. State University of Oregon Corvallis [OR]: s.d.

Note: Contents: Six able men ; The adventures of Aladdin ; Ali Baba and the forty thieves ; The ant and the cricket ; Jack and the beanstalk ; Beauty and the beast ; Bluebeard ; The game of chess ; Chico and the crane ; Cinderella ; The cock, the cat and the mouse ; The conference of the mice ; The country mouse and the town mouse ; The crab and the heron ; The seven crows ; Dopey Dennis ; The donkey that thought he was clever ; Amin and the eggs ; The hare and the elephant ; The emperor’s new clothes ; A shrewd farmer’s story ; The fox and the crow ; Fox and the grapes ; The fox and the stork ; The flying trunk ; The greedy dog ; The golden goose ; The little golden bird ; The little gold fish ; Goldilocks and the three bears ; The hare and the tortoise ; Hansel and Gretel ; The horse and the donkey ; The Empress Jowka ; The lion and the mosquito ; The lion goes to war ; The wise little girl ; The little match girl ; The little mermaid ; The monkey king ; The mouse and the lion ; The musicians of Bremen ; Narcissus ; The hole that was too narrow ; The obstinate goats ; Prince Omar and Princess Sheherazade ; What other people ; The ox and the frog ; The parrot shah ; The little pear girl ; The peasant, the snake and the fox ; Pinocchio ; The animals and the plague ; The poplar and the stream ; The hare and the porcupine ; The Pied Piper of Hamelin ; The princess and the pea ; Puss in boots ; The red dragon ; Little Red Riding Hood ; The Ruby Prince ; Ali and the sultan’s saddle ; Salem and the nail ; The seven old samurai ; Sasha, Mansor and the storks ; Sayed’s adventures ; The elves and the shoemaker ; The seven voyages of Sinbad the sailor ; The sleeping princess ; The snow maiden ; The Snow Queen [version 1]; The Snow Queen [version 2] ; Snow White and the seven dwarfs ; The book of spells ; The conceited stag ; The tail of the bear ; The three little pigs ; The three wishes ; The story of Thumbelina ; The magic tinderbox ; The tin soldier ; The adventures of Tom Thumb ; The ugly duckling ; Til Ulenspigehl ; The unlucky warrior ; The vain crow ; The weeping princess ; The witch in the tower ; The wolf and the crane ; The wolf and the seven kids ; The wolf and the lamb



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