Helsinki corpus of English texts


Helsinki corpus of English texts


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English; English, Old (ca. 450-1100); English, Middle (1100-1500)

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Helsinki corpus of English texts s.n. [Helsinki]: 1991

Note: The corpus is comprised of selections from the following titles:

Note: The Prose Solomon and Saturn, and, Adrian and Ritheus ; The Old Testament : the Old English version of the Heptateuch, Aelfreic’s treatise on the Old and New Testament and his preface to Genesis ; Aelfric’s Catholic Homilies : the text and manuscript tradition. (Second Series) ; Aelfric’s Catholic Homilies : text. (Second Series) ; Homilies of Aelfric : a supplementary collection ; Aelfric’s Lives of saints : being a set of sermons on Saints’ days formerly observed by the English Church ; Aelred of Rievaulx’s De institutione inclusarum ; Alexander’s letter : three Old English prose texts in Ms. Cotton Vitellius ; Laws [Alfred] : die gesetze der Angelsachsen ; Alfred’s Introduction to laws ; Letter[s] : correspondence of the family of Hatton ; Ancrene wisse ; The Anglo-Saxon poetic records : The Vercelli book ; Plumpton correspondence : a series of letters chiefly domestick written in the reigns of Edward IV, Richard III, Henry VII, and Henry VIII ; The Old English Apollonius of Tyre ; Fools and jesters : A nest of ninnies ; The scholemaster ; The Riverside Chaucer : A treatise on the astrolabe ; Selections from the correspondence of Arthur Capel, Earl of Essex : Letters ; Sweet’s Anglo-Saxon reader in prose and verse ; The Holy Bible : an exact reprint in the Roman type page for page of the Authorized Version, published in the year 1611 ; Dan Michel’s Ayenbite of Inwyt, or, Remorse of conscience ; The two[o] bookes of the proficience and advancement of learning : [1605] ; The Anglo-Saxon minor poems ; Beade's Death song, [and], Bede’s Ecclesiastical history of the English people [O.E.V.] ; Letters illustrative of English history including numerous Royal letters : [Thomas Bedyll] ; The bee and the stork : a handbook of Middle English ; Shorter novels seventeenth century : Ornatus and Aretesia, Oroonoko, Isle of Pines, Incognita ; Three Middle English versions of the rule of St. Benet and two contemporary rituals for the ordination of nuns ; The Benedictine rule = Die angelsaechsischen der Benediktinerregel ; The Anglo-Saxon poetic records : Beowulf and Judith ; An old English miscellany containing a bestiary, Kentish sermons, proverbs of Alfred, [and] religious poems of the thirteenth century ; The Stonor letters and papers ; The romance of Sir Beues of Hamtoun ; Cartularium Saxonicum = a collection of charters relating to Anglo-Saxon history ; The Blickling homilies ; Blundevile : a briefe description of the tables of the three speciall right lines belonging to a circle, called signes, lines tangent, and lines secent ; Bodley homilies : twelfth-century homilies in Ms. Bodley 343 ; King Alfred’s Old English version of Boethius De Consolatione Philosophiae ; Riverside Chaucer : [Boethius] ; Boethius’ Consolation of philosophy ; Queen Elizabeth’s englishings of Boethius’ De consolatione philosophiae ; Of the consolation of philosophy ; Electricity and magnetism ; Ludus literarius = The grammar schoole ; The battle of Brunanburgh ; The Brut, or, The chronicles of England ; Brunet’s History of my own time ; Some passages of the life and death of the Right Honourable John, Earl of Rochester ; Byrhtferth’s Manual ; Caedmon's hymn ; John Capgrave’s Abbreuiacion of Chronicles ; John Capgrave’s Lives of St. Augustine and St. Gilbert of Sempringham and a sermon ; The prologues and epilogues of William Caxton ; Historical poems of the XIVth centuries : [Satire on the Consistory Courts] ; The life of St. Chad : An old English homily ; The Essex papers : Letters [Charles II] ; The Cyrurgie of Guy de Chauliac ; Anglo-Saxon poetic records : The Exeter book ; Gregory’s chronicle : the historical collections of a citizen of London in the fifteenth century ; Two of the Saxon chronicles parallel ; [Chronicle Ms. A Late (02)] ; [Chronicle M.s A Late (03)] ; [Chronicle Ms. E (03)] ; [Chronicle Ms. E (04)] ; The cloud of unknowing ; Treatise for the artificiall cure of sturma ; A letter by the commissioners of customs ; Original letters illustrative of English history : [Conway] ; A letter by the Privy Council : [1688] ; A trve and almost incredible report of an Englishman : [1612] ; King Alfred’s West-Saxon version of Gregory’s Pastoral care ; Paston letters and papers of the fifteenth century ; Riverside Chaucer : The wife of Bath’s prologue ; Riverside Chaucer : The tale of Melibee ; Riverside Chaucer : The merchant’s tale ; Riverside Chaucer : The parson’s tale ; Riverside Chaucer : The general prologue to the Canterbury tales ; Riverside Chaucer : The summoner’s tale ; Cursor mundi ; The novels of Thomas Deloney ; Depositions : an anthology of Chancery English ; The old English dicts of Cato ; The late medieval religious plays of Mss. Digby 133 and E. Museo 160 ; The Vercelli book : the dream of the rood ; The Durham ritual = Rituale ecclesiae dunelmensis ; The Exeter book : Wulf and Eadwacer ; Beaumont papers : letters relating to the family of Beaumont of Whitley, Yorkshire from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries ; Clifford letters of the sixteenth century ; The Edmondes papers : a selection from the correspondence of Sir Thomas Edmondes ; The life of St. Edmund : Middle English religious prose ; The diary of Edward VI : literary remains of of King Edward ; Elene : the Vercelli book ; The boke named the gouernor : [1531] ; The Oxinden and Peyton letters, 1642-1670 : being the correspondence of Henry Oxinden of Barham ; The equatorie of the planetis ; The trial of the Earl of Essex : [The Dr. Farmer Chetham Ms.] ; The diary of John Evelyn ; Barrington family letters : 1628-1632 ; Exodus : Ms. Junius ; The new chronicles of England and France ; The Beaux stratagem ; The journeys of Celia Fiennes ; The English works of John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester ; The book of husbandry ; Sermo die lune in Ebdomada Pashche ; The autobiography and personal diary of Dr. Simon Forman the celebrated astrologer ; The Exeter book : The Fortunes of Men ; The journal of George Fox ; Middle English humorous tales in verse : The fox and wolf in the well ; A new account of East India and Persia : being nine year’s travels, 1672-1681 ; Letters of Philip Gawdy of West Harling, Norfolk, and of London, to various members of his family : 1579-1616 ; Dan Jon Gaytryge’s sermon : religious pieces in prose and verse ; The Cely letters : 1472-1488 ; Gregory the Great : Dialogues [Ms. C] ; Gregory the Great : Dialogues [Ms. H] ; Genesis : [Ms. Junius] ; A handbook on witches : a dialogue concerning witches and witchcraftes, 1593 ; The English works of John Gower : Confessio amantis ; Letters of the Lady Brilliana Harley, wife of Sir Robert Harley, of Brampton Bryan, Knight of Bath ; Select English historical documents of the ninth and tenth centuries : Document[s] 1-3 ; A caveat or warening for commen cursetors vulgarely called vagabones ; Havelok ; Annals of the first four years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth ; Early Middle English texts : The proclamation of Henry III ; An anthology of Chancery English ; A book of London English, 1384-1425 : Letters ; Walter Hilton’s Eight chapers on perfection ; The Katherine Group : Ms. Bodley 34 ; Diary of Lady Margaret Hoby : 1599-1605 ; Early science in Oxford : Micrographia ; Two sermons upon part of S. Judes Epistle, 1614 ; A new discovery of the old art of teaching schoole : [1660] ; The assumption of our lady : King Horn, Floriz and Blauncheflur ; Stockholm studies in English : a late middle English treatise on horses ; Historical poems of the XIVth and XVth centuries ; History of the Holy Rood-Tree ; Robert of Brunne’s Handlyng Synne ; Historical poems of the XIVth and XVth centuries : Song of the husbandman ; An anthology of Chancery English : Indenture ; Die gesetze der Angelsachsen : Laws (INE) ; In die innocencium = Two sermon’s preached by the Boy Bishop, at St Paul’s ; Middle English humorous tales in verse : Interlude [Appendix to Dame Sirith] ; Jeremy Taylor's The marriage ring : [1673] ; Letters of John Pinney : 1679-1699 ; The pennyles pilgrimage : all the works of John Taylor the water poet, 1630 ; A book of London English : Judgements ; The Katherine group : Juliane ; Julian of Norwich's Revelations of divine love : Ms. Bodley 37790 ; The Exeter book : Juliana ; Kalex’s Kyng Alisaunder ; The Katherine group : Katherine ; The book of Margery Kempe ; The Anglo-Saxon minor poems : the Kentish hymn ; The Knyvett letters : 1620-1644 ; The Anglo-Saxon minor poems : the Kentish psalm ; Clifford letters of the sixteenth century ; Kentish sermons : selections from early Middle English, 1130-1250 ; Lacnunga : Anglo-Saxon magic and medicine ; Laeceboc : Leechdoms, wortcunning, and starcraft of early England ; Lambeth : Old English homilies and homiletic treatises ... : [12th and 13th centuries] ; Plain and full instructions to raise all sorts of fruit-trees that prosper in England ; Seven sermons before Edward VI : Sermon on the Ploughers ; Die gesetze der Angelsachsen ; Layamon’s Brut ; The Anglo-Saxon minor poems : The Leiden Riddle ; The itinerary of John Leland in or about the years 1535-1543 ; An old English vision of Leofric, Earl of Mercia ; Lindisfarne Gospels : The Holy Gospels in Anglo-Saxon, Northumbrian and Old Mercian versions ; The trial of Lady Alice Lisle : a complete collection of state-trials and proceedings for High-Treason and other crimes and misdemeanours from the reign of King Richard II ; Directions concerning education ; Aelfric’s Letter to Sigefyrth : Angelsaechsische homilien und heiligenleben ; Aelfric’s Letter to Sigeweard : the Old English version of the Heptateuch, Aelfric’s treatise on the Old and New Testament and his preface to Genesis ; Ludu coventriae, or, The plaie called Corpus Christi ; Aelfric’s Letter to Wulfsige = Die hirtenbriefe Aelfrics in Altenglischer und Lateinischer fassung

Note: Aelfric’s First and Second Letters to Wulfstan ; The diary of Henry Machyn : citizen and merchant-taylor of London [1550-1563] ; An Elizabethan in 1582 : the diary of Richard Madox, Fellow of All Souls ; The works of Sir Thomas Malory : Morte D'arthur ; Mandeville's travels : translated from the French of Jean d’Outremeuse ; The Macro plays : Mankind ; The Katherine group : Margarete ; A passion of St Margaret = Angelsaechsische homilien und heiligenleben ; Countrey contentments : [1615], and, The English experience [1613] ; Martyrology = Das Altenglische martyrologium ; Letters : Barrington family letters [1628-1632] ; The Exeter book : Maxims ; The Anglo-Saxon poetic records : The Paris Psalter and The meters of Boethius ; A hundred mery talys : from the only perfect copy known ; The works of John Metham : [including] the romance of Amoryus and Cleopes ; The works of John Metham : Physiognomy ; A chaste maid in Cheapside : [1630] ; The history of Britain : that part especially now call’d England [1670] ; Mirk’s festial : a collection of homilies ; Early Middle English verse and prose : Man in the Moon ; The correspondence of Sir Thomas More : Letter[s] ; The complete works of St. Thomas More : The history of King Richard III ; The autobiography of Thomas Mowntayne : narratives of the days of reformation chiefly from the manuscripts of John Foxe the martyrologist ; The earliest complete English prose psalter ; The Paris Psalter and the meters of Boethius : the metrical Psalms of the Paris Psalter ; The Ferrar papers : containing a life of Nicholas Ferrar the winding-sheet [an ascetic dialogue] ; The Camden miscellany : [containing... correspondence of the family of Haddock, 1657-1719] ; The northern homily cycle : [Ms. Harley 4196] ; A complete collection of State-Trials and proceedings for High-Treason from the reign of King Richard II : The trial of Titus Oates ; King Alfred’s Orosius : Othere and Wulfstan ; The ormulum ; The Exeter book : The panther ; Samuel Pepys’ Penny merriments ; The diary of Samuel Pepys ; Leechdoms, wortcunning and starcraft : Peri Didaxeon ; The history of that most eminent statesman : Sir John Perrott, Knight of the Bath, and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland ; An anthology of Chancery English : Petitions ; The Peterborough chronicle : 1070-1154 ; The Oxinden Letters : [1607-1642] ; Letters : [Mary Peyton] ; A Latin technical phlebotomy and its Middle English translation ; The Exeter book : Phoenix ; Wulfstan’s Die institutes of polity ; The Paris Psalter ; Aelfric’s Preface to Grammar ; Aelfric’s Preface to Lives of the saints ; Aelfric’s Preface to Catholic homilies ; Homilies of Aelfric ; Alfred’s Preface to Cura pastoralis : King Alfred’s West-Saxon version of Gregory’s pastoral care ; Aelfric’s Preface to Genesis ; The pricke of conscience = Stimulus conscientiae ; Prognostications = Die altenglischen traumlunare ; Alfred’s Preface to soliloquies = Koenig Alfreds des grossen bearbeitung der soliloquien des Augustinus ; The Old English medicina de quadrupedibus ; The trial of Sir Walter Raleigh ; The Edmondes papers : a selection from the corresepondence of Sir Thomas Edmondes ; The Path-way to knowledg : containing the first principles of geometrie [1551], [and], The English experience [1687] ; The history of Reynard the fox ; The commonplace book of Robert Reynes of Acle ; The metrical chronicle of Robert of Gloucester ; Satires on the retinues of the great historical poems of the XIVth and XVth centuries ; The Exeter book : Riddles ; The Exeter book : The riming poems ; Anglo-Saxon charters : Documents [1-4, Appendix] ; The lyfe of Sir Thomas Moore, Knighte ; Middle English sermons ; The psalter or Psalms of David ; English prose treatises of Richard Rolle de Hampole ; Rushworth Gospels ; The Ruthwell cross ; The Exeter book : The seafarer ; The merry wives of Windsor ; Letters and Papers of John Shillingford, Mayor of Exeter [1447-1450] : Document[s] ; Middle English humorous tales of verse : Dame Sirith ; The siege of Jerusalem in prose ; The life of St. Edmund ; Two sermons on “Of usurie” ; Solomon and Saturn, and, Adrian and Ritheus ; The statutes of the realm : [George III] ; Gammer Gurtons nedle ; The chronicles of England from Brute unto this present yeare of Christ ; Original letters of eminent literary men of the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries ; A homily for the sixth or fourth Sunday after epiphany ; The Katherine group : Sawles warde ; Aelfric’s De temporibus anni ; A book of London English: Textaments and wills [1384-1425] ; Liber de diversis medicinis : [Thornton Ms. Lincoln Cathedral A.5.2] ; A complete collection of State-Trials and proceedings for High-Treason and other crimes and misdemeanours from the reign of King Richard II to the end of the reign of King George I : the trials of Sir Nicholas Throckmorton ; English Lyrics of the XIIIth century : The thrush and the nightengale ; The Restoration divines : The folly of scoffing at religion, [and], Of the tryall of the spirits : [Sermons] ; Ye oldest diarie of Englysshe travell : being the hitherto unpublished narrative of the pilgrimage of Sir Richard Torkington to Jerusalem in 1517 ; The Wakefield pageants in the Towneley cycle ; Monachi cestrensis : Polychronicon Ranulphi Higden ; Old English homilies of the twelfth century : Trinity homilies ; A letter by the fellows of Trinity College ; A new boke of the natures and properties of all wines : [1568] ; The New Testament : [Tynedale 1534] ; The Old Testament : Five books of Moses called the Pentateuch [Tyndale 1530] ; Roister doister ; A book of London English : Appeal[s 1384-1425] ; The complete works of Sir John Vanbrugh : The relapse ; The Vespasian psalter ; Early English homilies from the twelfth century : Vespasian homilies [Ms. Vesp. D.XIV] ; The anatomie of the bodie of man : [1548] ; Vices and virtues ; The book of vices and virtues : a fourteenth century English translation of the Somme le roi de Lorens d'Orleans ; The compleat angler : [1653-1676] ; The Exeter book : The wanderer ; English Wycliffite sermons ; The Exeter book : The whale ; The Anglo-Saxon poetic records : The wife’s lament ; The correspondence of Lady Katherine Paston : [Letters 1603-1627] ; The Holy Gospels in Anglo-Saxon, Northumbrain, and Old Mercian versions : West-Saxon Gospels ; The homilies of Wulfstan ; The New Testament : The New Testament in English according to the version by John Wycliffe [1380] ; The Old Testament : The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments with the Apocryphal books in the earliest English version made from the Latin Vulgate ; The prologue to The Bible : [Purvey] ; The York plays : [1450]

Note: Some further bibliographic details of composite texts available in file hmanual3.1477



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