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Fields, Philip C. (ed.)


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English; Orya

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Electronic publications -- Indonesia -- 20th century

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Translations -- Indonesia -- 20th century
Fiction -- Indonesia -- 20th century
Narratives -- Indonesia -- 20th century

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Source Description

The transcripts were made from private audio tape recordings made by the editor.


Mode of access: Online. OTA website

Title proper taken from printed records from depositor

Contents: File 1 (umaldoc.1458). Explanation of file format ; File 2 (marks.1458). Abbreviations used in morpheme glosses ; File 3 (pinihas1asc.1458). First half of cultural analysis of the Umal text ; File 4 (pinihas2asc.1458). Second half of cultural analysis of the Umal text ; File 5 (umal1itx.1458). First half of interlinear text ; File 6 (umal2itx.1458). Second half of interlinear text ; File 7 (interfmt.1458) Sprint style sheet

"Pinihas Bunggu narrated the story [in November 1985] that became the basis of this article. Simon Ti Eis filled out the background history and cultural meanings of the various customs described. Phil Fields was responsible for the translation and overall organization of the analysis."--from File 3

Phil Field, a Field Linguist, is a member of SIL working with the Orya people of Irian Jaya, Indonesia. This text contains a transcript and translation of a recorded narrative in Orya, the native language, given by Pinihas Bunggu, the head of the Bunggu clan in the village of Guay. The text is accompanied by a cultural analysis that helps to shed further light on the story of Umal

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