Bartholomew Fayre


Bartholomew Fayre


Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637


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Editorial Practice

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First letter of apeaker's name appears in square brackets in the left-hamd margin

-- for em dash

The first three digits in left margin indicate Act number, i.e. 001 for Act I, etc. (100 indicates the introductory lines before the main body of the play, consisting of the Prologue to the King's majesty and the Induction on the stage)

The two middle digits in the left margin indicate the Scene number (the introductory lines are split into two sections in the source and therefore numbered 01 and 02, with the numbering reverting back to 01 to indicate the first Scene number)

The last three digits in the left margin indicate the page number (note that the introductory lines consist of 8 unnumbered pages in the original which the transcriber indicates as 001-008 and then reverting to 001 for the first page of the main body of the text). The second page of the introductory lines is the Dramatis Personae which has not been transcribed

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Plays -- England -- 17th century
Comedies -- England -- 17th century

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Source Description

Bartholmevv [sic] Fayre [microform] : a comedie, acted in the yeare, 1614 by the Lady Elizabeths servants and then dedicated to King Iames, of most blessed memorie / by the author, Beniamin Iohnson. -- London : Printed by J.B. for Robert Allot, 1631. -- STC 14753.5. -- Pages transcribed: p. [1, 3-8], 1-88. -- Bartholomew Fair was not included in the 1616 Folio (Workes).


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