Blues lyric poetry : an anthology / Michael Taft


Blues lyric poetry : an anthology / Michael Taft


Taft, Michael, 1947- (ed.)


Distributed by the University of Oxford under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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American poetry -- African American authors
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Blues (Music) -- To 1931
Blues (Music) -- 1931-1940
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American poetry -- African American authors

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Blues lyric poetry : an anthology Taft, Michael, 1947- Garland London ; New York: 1983-01-01 082409235x : Garland reference library of the humanities ; 361

Note: Contents: Akers, Garfield. -- Cottonfield Blues [Part 1], Cottonfield Blues [Part 2], Dough Roller Blues, Jumpin’ and Shoutin’ Blues -- Alexander, Texas. -- Long Lonesome Day Blues, Corn-Bread Blues, Section Gang Blues, Levee Camp Moan Blues, Yellow Girl Blues, No More Woman Blues, Sittin’ on a Log, Work Ox Blues, The Risin’ Sun, I am Calling Blues, Double Crossing Blues, Ninety-Eight Degree Blues, Water Bound Blues, Awful Moaning Blues [Part 1], Awful Moaning Blues [Part 2], When You Get to Thinking, Seen Better Days, Frost Texas Tornado Blues, Easy Rider Blues -- Amos, Blind Joe. -- C and O Blues -- Anderson, ... (Walter Taylor) -- Anderson, Jelly Roll. -- Free Woman Blues, I.C. Blues -- Arnold, Kokomo. -- Rainy Night Blues, Milk Cow Blues, Old Original Kokomo Blues, Old Black Cat Blues, Sissy Man Blues, Front Door Blues, Back Door Blues, The Twelves, Slop Jar Blues, Black Annie, Southern Railroad Blues, Busy Bootin’, Let Your Money Talk, Policy Wheel Blues, Stop Look and Listen, Big Leg Mama, Milk Cow Blues [No. 4], I’ll Be Up Some Day, Shake That Thing, Mister Charlie, Long and Tall, Salty Dog, Wild Water Blues, Laugh and Grin Blues, Mean Old Twister, Red Beans and Rice, Set Down Gal, Big Ship Blues, Buddie Brown Blues, Rocky Road Blues, Head Cuttin’ Blues, Broke Man Blues, Back on the Job, Your Ways and Actions, Tired of Runnin’ from Door to Door, My Well Is Dry, Midnight Blues, Bad Luck Blues, Kid Man Blues -- Bailey, Kid. -- Mississippi Bottom Blues, Rowdy Blues -- Baker, Willie. -- Mama, Don't Rush Me Blues, No No Blues, Weak-Minded Blues, Bad Luck Moan, Crooked Woman Blues, Rag Baby, Weak-Minded Blues, Sweet Patunia Blues -- Bill, Barefoot. -- My Crime Blues, Snigglin’ Blues, Big Rock Jail, From Now On, I Don’t Like That, She’s Got a Nice Line, Squabblin’ Blues, Barefoot Bill’s Hard Luck Blues, One More Time, Bad Boy -- Barner, Wiley. -- My Gal Treats Me Mean, If You Want a Good Woman – Get One Long and Tall -- Batts, Will. -- Country Woman, Highway No. 61 Blues -- Baxter, Jim, and Andrew Baxter. -- Bamalong Blues -- Beaman, Lottie. -- Wayward Girl Blues, Rolling Log Blues, Goin’ Away Blues, Going Away Blues, Rollin’ Log Blues -- Bell, Anna. -- Hopeless Blues, Every Woman Blues, Shake It – Black Bottom, I Don’t Care Who Gets What I Don’t Want -- Bell, Ed. -- Mamlish Blues, Ham Bone Blues, Mean Conductor Blues, Frisco Whistle Blues, Carry It Right Back Home, She’s a Fool Gal -- Bennet, Will. -- Railroad Bill, Real Estate Blues -- Bill, Big. -- Down in the Basement Blues, Starvation Blues, Grandma’s Farm, Skoodle Do Do, I Can’t Be Satisfied, The Banker’s Blues, Big Bill Blues, Mr. Conductor Man, Worrying You Off My Mind [Part 1], Bull Cow Blues, How You Want It Done, Long Tall Mama, Mississippi River Blues, C and A Blues, Keep Your Hands Off Her, Good Liquor Gonna Carry Me Down, I’ve Got to Dig You, When I Had Money, Key to the Highway -- Bill, Big, (Famous Hokum Boys). -- Eagle Riding Papa -- Bill, Big, (Jane Lucas). -- Pussy Cat Blues -- Bill, Big, (State Street Boys). -- Rustlin’ Man -- Bird, Billy. -- Mill Man Blues, Alabama Blues [Part 1], Alabama Blues [Part 2] -- Bird, John, (Mae Glover). -- Gas Man Blues -- Shine, Black Boy. -- Sugarland Blues -- King, Black Ivory. -- The Flying Crow -- Black, Lewis. -- Rock Island Blues, Gravel Camp Blues, Corn Liquor Blues -- Blackman, Tewee, (Mephis Jug Band). -- K.C. Moan, I Whipped My Woman With a Single Tree -- Blackwell, Francis Scrapper. -- Kokomo Blues, Penal Farm Blues, Trouble Blues [Part 1], Trouble Blues [Part 2], Rambling Blues, Blue Day Blues, Down South Blues, Hard Time Blues, Back Door Blues, No Good Woman Blues -- Blake, Blind. -- Early Morning Blues, Early Morning Blues, Too Tight, Blake’s Worried Blues, Come On Boys Let’s Do that Messin’ Around, Tampa Bound, Stonewall Street Blues, Black Dog Blues, One Time Blues, Bad Feeling Blues, Brownskin Mama Blues, Hard Road Blues, Hey Hey Daddy Blues, You Gonna Quit Me Blues, Wabash Rag, Doggin’ Me Mama Blues, No Dough Blues, Bootleg Rum Dum Blues, Panther Squall Blues, Walkin’ Across the Country, Search Warrant Blues, Notoriety Woman Blues, Low Down Loving Gal, Poker Woman Blues, Doing a Stretch, Fightin’ the Jug, Hookworm Blues, Diddie Wa Diddie, Too Tight Blues [No. 2], Police Dog Blues, Georgia Bound, Playing Policy Blues, Righteous Blues, Rope Stretchin’ Blues [Part 1], Rope Stretchin’ Blues [Part 2], Depression’s Gone from Me Blues -- Norris, Blind. -- Sundown Blues -- Percy, Blind. -- Coal River Blues, Fourteenth Street Blues -- Bogan, Lucille. -- Sweet Patunia, Levee Blues, Jim Tampa Blues, Coffee Grindin’ Blues, Pot Hound Blues, My Georgia Grind, They Ain’t Walking No More, Sloppy Drunk Blues, Alley Boogie, Black Angel Blues, Tricks Ain’t Working No More, T N and O Blues, Baking Powder Blues, You Got to Die Some Day, Lonesome Midnight Blues, My Man Is Boogan Me, Pig Iron Sally, I Hate that Train Called the M and O, Tired as I Can Be, Sweet Man – Sweet Man, Reckless Woman, Down in Boogie Alley, Barbecue Bess, Jump Steady Daddy, Man Stealer Blues, Stew Meat Blues, Skin Game Blues -- Bonds, Son. -- Weary Worried Blues, 80 Highway Blues -- Bonds, Son, (Sleepy John Estes). -- Black Gal Swing -- Boyd, Georgia. -- Never Mind Blues -- Bracey, Ishman. -- Saturday Blues, Left Alone Blues, Leavin’ Town Blues, My Brown Mama Blues, Trouble-Hearted Blues, The Four Day Blues, Woman Woman Blues, Suitcase Full of Blues, Bust Up Blues, Pay Me No Mind -- Bracey, Mississippi. -- You Scolded Me and Drove Me from Your Door, Cherry Ball, Stered Gal, I’ll Overcome Some Day -- Bradley, Tommie. -- Adam and Eve, Pack Up Your Trunk Blues, Please Don’t Act that Way, Four Day Blues, Window Pane Blues -- Brasswell, Frank, (Big Bill). -- Guitar Rag -- Brown, Bessie. -- Nobody But My Baby Is Getting My Love -- Brown, Hi Henry. -- Titanic Blues, Preacher Blues, Nut Factory Blues, Skin Man -- Brown, Richard Rabbit. -- James Alley Blues -- Brown, Willie. -- M and O Blues, Future Blues -- Bryant, Laura. -- Dentist Chair Blues [Part 1], Dentist Chair Blues [Part 2], It’s Sweet Like So -- Burse, Charlie, (Memphis Jug Band). -- Tappin’ that Thing, I Got Good Taters, Boodie Bum Bum -- Butler, Sam. -- Some Screamed High Yellow, You Can’t Keep No Brown, Poor Boy Blues, Jefferson County Blues -- Byrd, John. -- Billy Goat Blues, Old Timbrook Blues -- Calicott, Joe. -- Fare Thee Well Blues, Traveling Mama Blues -- Calloway, Blanche. -- Lazy Woman’s Blues, Lonesome Lovesick -- Campbell, Bob. -- Dice’s Blues, Shotgun Blues, Starvation Farm Blues -- Campbell, Charlie. -- Goin’ Away Blues -- Campbell, Gene. -- Wandering Blues, Robbin’ and Stealin’ Blues -- Cannon, Gus. -- Poor Boy – Long Ways from Home, Heart Breakin’ Blues, Feather Bed, Last Chance Blues -- Carr, Leroy. -- Naptown Blues, Gettin’ All Wet, Papa Wants a Cookie, Memphis Town, Sloppy Drunk Blues, Four Day Rider, Alabama Woman Blues, Low Down Dog Blues, New How Long How Long Blues [Part 2], What More Can I Do, Papa Wants to Knock a Jug, I Keep the Blues, Midnight Hour Blues, Mean Mistreater Mama, Hurry Down Sunshine, Corn Licker Blues, Hold Them Puppies, Shady Lane Blues, Blues Before Sunrise, Take a Walk Around the Corner, My Woman’s Gone Wrong, Southbound Blues, Barrel House Woman, Barrel House Woman [No. 2], I Believe I’ll Make a Change, Bo Bo Stomp, Big Four Blues, Hard Hearted Papa, You Left Me Crying, Broken-Hearted Man, Evil-Hearted Woman, Good Woman Blues, Hustler’s Blues, Eleven Twenty-Nine Blues, You’ve Got Me Grieving, Bread Baker, Tight Time Blues, Longing for My Sugar, Shinin’ Pistol, It’s Too Short, Suicide Blues -- Carter, George. -- Rising River Blues, Hot Jelly Roll Blues -- Carter, Margaret. -- I Want Plenty of Grease in My Frying Pan -- Carter, Spider. -- Don’t Leave Me Blues -- Chatman, Bo. -- I’m an Old Bumble Bee, Ram Rod Daddy, The Law Gonna Step on You, Ants in My Pants, I Want You To Know, Bo Carter Special, Beans, Tellin’ You ‘Bout It, Sales Tax, Let Me Roll Your Lemon, Howlin’ Tom Cat Blues, I Get the Blues, All Around Man, Dinner Blues, Cigarette Blues, Pussy Cat Blues, The Ins and Outs of My Girl, Bo Carter’s Advice, Double Up in a Knot, Your Biscuits Are Big Enough for Me, Sue Cow, Shake ‘Em On Down, Who’s Been Here, Let’s Get Drunk Again, Some Day, Old Devil, Country Fool, Arrangement for Me [Blues], My Baby, Policy Blues, Honey -- Chatman, Lonnie, (Mississippi Sheiks). -- It’s a Pain to Me, New Sittin’ On Top of the World, Please Baby -- Chatman, Peter. -- Beer Drinking Woman, You Don’t Mean Me No Good, Grinder Man Blues, Empty Room Blues, I See My Great Mistake, Old Taylor, I Believe I’ll Settle Down, Jasper’s Gal, You Got to Help Me Some, Two of a Kind, Maybe I’ll Loan You a Dime, Me–Myself–and I, Whiskey and Gin Blues, You Gonna Worry Too, Caught the Old Coon at Last, Lend Me Your Love -- Church, Blind Clyde. -- Number Nine Blues, Pneumatic Blues, Broke Down Engine -- Clark, Lonnie. -- Broke Down Engine, Down in Tennessee -- Clayton, Jennie, (Memphis Jug Band). -- I Packed My Suitcase, Started to the Train, State of Tennessee Blues, Bob Lee Junior Blues -- Cleveland, Big Boy. -- Goin’ to Leave You Blues -- Cole, James. -- Mistreated the Only Friend You Had -- Cole, Kid. -- Hard Hearted Mama Blues, Niagara Fall Blues -- Coleman, Bob. -- Sing Song Blues -- Coleman, Jaybird. -- Man Trouble Blues, No More Good Water, Mistreatin’ Mama, Save Your Money [Let These Women Go], Coffee Grinder Blues, Man Trouble Blues -- Coleman, Lonnie. -- Old Rock Island Blues, Wild About My Loving -- Collins, Chasey. -- Walking Blues, Atlanta Blues

Note: Contents (cont): Collins, Sam. -- The Jail House Blues, Devil in the Lion’s Den, Yellow Dog Blues, Loving Lady Blues, Hesitation Blues, Midnight Special Blues, It Won’t Be Long, Do That Thing, Lonesome Road Blues, New Salty Dog, Slow Mama Slow, I’m Sitting on Top of the World, My Road Is Rough and Rocky -- Cooksey, Robert, (Bobby Leecan). -- Dollar Blues -- Covington, Blind Bogus Ben. -- It's a Fight Like That, Boodle-De-Bum Bum -- Cox, Ida. -- Ida Cox’s Lawdy – Lawdy Blues, Wild Women Don’t Have the Blues, Misery Blues, Blue Kentucky Blues, Long Distance Blues, Southern Woman’s Blues, Lonesome Blues, Coffin Blues, Rambling Blues, Worn Down Daddy Blues, You Stole My Man -- Crawford, Rosetta. -- My Man Jumped Salty on Me -- Crudup, Arthur Big Boy. -- Black Pony Blues, Death Valley Blues, If I Get Lucky, Mean Old ‘Frisco Blues -- Curry, Ben. -- Fat Mouth Blues -- Stovepipe, Daddy. -- Sundown Blues, Stove Pipe Blues, Tuxedo Blues -- Daniels, Julius. -- My Mama Was a Sailor, Ninety-Nine Year Blues -- Darby, Blind. -- Lawdy Lawdy Worried Blues, Deceiving Blues, Built Right on the Ground -- Davenport, Charles Cow Cow. -- I Ain’t No Ice Man -- Davenport, Jed. -- Save Me Some -- Davis, Carl, (Dallas Jamboree Jug Band). -- Elm Street Woman Blues -- Davis, Madlyn. -- It’s Red Hot, Too Black Bad -- Davis, Walter. -- M and O Blues, That Stuff You Sell Ain’t No Good, Howling Wind Blues, M and O Blues [No. 3], L and N Blues, Sloppy Drunk Again, Travelin’ this Lonesome Road, Sad and Lonesome Blues, Minute Man Blues [Part 1], Minute Man Blues [Part 2], Sweet Sixteen, Root Man Blues, I Can Tell By the Way You Smell, Santa Claus, Moonlight Is My Spread, Ashes in My Whiskey, Jacksonville [Part 2], Think You Need a Shot, Let Me in Your Saddle, Call Your Name, Can’t See Your Face, Please Don’t Mistreat Me, Why Shouldn’t I Be Blue, The Only Woman, New Come Back Baby, Don’t You Want to Go, Just Want to Talk Awhile -- Day, Texas Bill. -- Goin’ Back to My Baby, Elm Street Blues, Billiken’s Weary Blues, Central Avenue Blues, Sunrise Blues -- Dean, Joe. -- I’m So Glad I’m Twenty-One Years Old Today -- Delaney, Mattie. -- Down the Big Road Blues, Tallahatchie River Blues -- Dickson, Pearl. -- Twelve Pound Daddy, Little Rock Blues -- Dickson, Tom. -- Death Bell Blues, Happy Blues, Labor Blues -- Dooley, Simmie, (Pink Anderson). -- Gonna Tip Out Tonight -- Dorsey, Thomas A. -- Grievin’ Me Blues, Broke Man’s Blues, Pig Meat Blues, Second-Hand Woman Blues, Maybe It’s the Blues, Levee Bound Blues, Gee, But It's Hard, Terrible Operation Blues, Been Mistreated Blues, If You Want Me to Love You -- Dorsey, Thomas A., (Jane Lucas). -- Terrible Operation Blues, Where Did You Stay Last Night, Fix It, Come On In, If You Want Me to Love You -- Doyle, Little Doyle. -- Hard Scufflin’ Blues, Grief Will Kill You, Renewed Love Blues, Bad in Mind Blues -- Easton, Amos. -- No Woman No Nickel, I’m Waitin’ On You, Green Country Gal, Terraplane Blues -- Edward, Frank. -- We Got to Get Together -- Edwards, Joe, (Butterbeans and Susie). -- Construction Gang, He Likes It Slow, Construction Gang, He Likes It Slow -- Edwards, Big Boy Teddy. -- Louise -- Estes, Sleepy John. -- The Girl I Love – She Got Long Curly Hair, Broken-Hearted – Ragged and Dirty Too, Diving Duck Blues, Black Mattie Blues, Milk Cow Blues, Street Car Blues, Watcha Doin’, Poor John Blues, Stack O’ Dollars, My Black Gal Blues, Down South Blues, Stop That Thing, Someday Baby Blues, Who’s Been Tellin’ You Buddy Brown Blues, Married Woman Blues, Drop Down Mama, Government Money, I Wanta Tear It All the Time, Vernita Blues, I Ain’t Gonna Be Worried No More, Floating Bridge, Need More Blues, Jack and Jill Blues, Poor Man’s Friend, Hobo Jungle Blues, Airplane Blues, Everybody Oughta Make a Change, Liquor Store Blues, Easin’ Back to Tennessee, Fire Department Blues, Clean Up at Home, New Someday Blues, Brownsville Blues, Special Agent, Mailman Blues, Time Is Drawing Near, Mary Come On Home, Jailhouse Blues, Tell Me About It, Drop Down, You Shouldn’t Do That, Lawyer Clark Blues, Little Laura Blues, Working Man Blues -- Evans, Joe. -- New Huntsville Jail, Sitting on Top of the World, Down in Black Bottom, Shook It This Morning Blues -- Ezell, Will. -- Pitchin’ Boogie -- Florence, Nellie. -- Jacksonville Blues, Midnight Weeping Blues, Tell It to the Judge [No. 1], Tell It to the Judge [No. 2] -- Fox, John D. -- The Worried Man Blues, The Moanin’ Blues -- Fuller, Blind Boy. -- I’m a Rattlesnakin’ Daddy, Rag – Mama – Rag, Stealing Bo-Hog, Bye Bye Baby Blues, Pistol Snapper Blues, Piccolo Rag, Big House Bound, You’ve Got Something There, Step It Up and Go, Somebody’s Been Talkin’, Three Ball Blues, Good Feeling Blues, Crooked Woman Blues, Bus Rider Blues, You Got to Have Your Dollar, Thousand Women Blues -- Gaither, Bill. -- Georgia Barrel House -- Gibson, Cleo. -- I’ve Got Ford Movements in My Hips, Nothing But the Blues, Beat You Doing It -- Gibson, Clifford. -- Whiskey Moan Blues, Tired of Being Mistreated [Part 1], Tired of Being Mistreated [Part 2], Stop Your Rambling, Sunshine Moan, Ice and Snow Blues, Don’t Put That Thing On Me, Drayman Blues, Old Time Rider, Bad Luck Dice, Levee Camp Moan, Hard-Headed Blues, Blues Without a Dime, Keep Your Windows Pinned, Jive Me Blues, Brooklyn Blues, Society Blues, She Rolls It Slow -- Gibson, Clifford, (Roosevelt Sykes). -- I’m Tired of Being Mistreated -- Gillum, Bill Jazz. -- You’re Laughing Now, I’m Gonna Get It, Let Her Go, She Won’t Treat Me Kind, I’ll Get Along Somehow, Got to Reap What You Sow, Keyhole Blues, Key to the Highway, Riley Springs Blues, I Got Somebody Else, It Looks Bad for You, Me and My Buddy, It’s All Over Now, One Letter Home, You Drink Too Much Whiskey, I’m Gonna Leave You on the Outskirts of Town, Woke Up Cold in Hand -- Glaze, Ruby, (Blind Willie McTell). -- Rollin’ Mama Blues, Lonesome Day Blues -- Glover, Mae. -- Shake It Daddy, Pig Meat Mama, I Ain’t Giving Nobody None, Gas Man Blues -- Grant, Bobby. -- Nappy Head Blues, Lonesome Atlanta Blues -- Graves, Blind Roosevelt. -- New York Blues -- Green, Lil. -- What Have I Done, Give Your Mama One Smile, My Mellow Man, Knockin’ Myself Out, Why Don’t You Do Right, Love Me, What’s the Matter with Love, Country Boy Blues, How Can I Go On, If I Didn’t Love You, If I’m a Fool, I’m Wasting My Time on You -- Gross, Helen. -- Hard Luck Blues, Strange Man -- Hannah, George. -- Freakish Man Blues -- Hardin, Lane. -- California Desert Blues -- Harris, Magnolia. -- Mama’s Quittin’ and Leavin’ [Part 1], Mama’s Quittin’ and Leavin’ [Part 2] -- Harris, Otis. -- Waking Blues, You’ll Like My Loving -- Harris, William. -- I’m Leavin’ Town, Bull Frog Blues, Hot Time Blues, Lonesome Midnight Dream -- Harrison, Smoky. -- Hop Head Blues, Iggly Oggly Blues -- Hart, Hattie. -- I Let My Daddy Do That, Coldest Stuff in Town -- Hart, Hattie, (Memphis Jug Band). -- Memphis Yo Yo Blues, Oh Ambulance Man -- Hawkins, Walter Buddy Boy. -- Shaggy Dog Blues, Number Three Blues, Jailhouse Fire Blues, Snatch It Back Blues, Awful Fix Blues, How Come Mama Blues, Voice Throwin’ Blues -- Hayes, Nap (T.C. Johnson Groups). -- Violin Blues -- Henderson, Bertha. -- Lead Hearted Blues, Let Your Love Come Down -- Henderson, Katherine. -- West End Blues, St. Louis Blues, Have You Ever Felt That Way, Mushy Love -- Henderson, Rosa. -- Get It Fixed -- Henry, Hound Head. -- Low Down Hound Blues, My Silver Dollar Mama -- Henry, Lena. -- Low Down Despondent Blues -- Hicks, Robert. -- Barbecue Blues, Cloudy Sky Blues, Poor Boy a Long Ways from Home, Easy Rider Don’t Deny My Name, Motherless Chile Blues, Crooked Woman Blues, ‘Fo Day Creep, Blind Pig Blues, Chocolate to the Bone, Hurry and Bring It Back Home, Ease It to Me Blues, She’s Gone Blues, California Blues, Black Skunk Blues, Freeze to Me Mama, Me and My Whiskey, [Let me be your little dog], Yo-Yo Blues [No. 2], We Sure Got Hard Times Now, The Spider and the Fly, Atlanta Moan, Doin’ the Scraunch -- Hill, Bertha Chippie. -- Low Land Blues, Kid Man Blues, Pleadin’ for the Blues, Pratt City Blues, Lovesick Blues, Lonesome Weary Blues -- Hill, King Solomon. -- Whoopee Blues, Down on My Bended Knee, The Gone Dead Train, Tell Me Baby, I Had a Gal for the Last Fifteen Years -- Hill, Sammy. -- Cryin’ for the Blues, Needin’ My Woman Blues -- Hite, Mattie. -- Graveyard Dream Blues, Mason-Dixon Blues -- Hogg, Andrew. -- Family Trouble Blues -- Hollins, Tony. -- Stamp Blues, My Black Mama [Part 1], My Black Mama [Part 2] -- House, Son. -- Preachin’ the Blues [Part 1], Preachin’ the Blues [Part 2], Dry Spell Blues [Part 1], Dry Spell Blues [Part 2] -- Howell, Peg Leg. -- Coal Man Blues, Tishamingo Blues, Too Tight Blues, Doin’ Wrong, Skin Game Blues, Please Ma’am, Low Down Rounder Blues, Ball and Chain Blues, Away from Home -- Hull, Papa Harvey. -- Gang of Brownskin Women, France Blues, Two Little Tommies Blues, Don’t You Leave Me Here, Mama You Don’t Know How -- Hurt, Mississippi John. -- Nobody’s Dirty Business, Ain’t No Tellin’, Avalon Blues, Big Leg Blues, Candy Man Blues, Got the Blues Can’t Be Satisfied, Blue Harvest Blues -- Jackson, Papa Charlie. -- Papa’s Lawdy Lawdy Blues, Airy Man Blues, Salty Dog Blues, The Cats Got the Measles, I Got What It Takes, Shave Em Dry, Coffee Pot Blues, Shake That Thing, The Faking Blues, I’m Alabama Bound, Drop that Sack, Hot Papa Blues, Take Me Back Blues, Mama, Don’t You Think I Know, Maxwell Street Blues, All I Want Is a Spoonful, Texas Blues, Butter and Egg Man Blues, Up the Way Bound, Your Baby Ain’t Sweet Like Mine, Fat Mouth Blues

Note: Jackson, Papa Charlie, (cont.). -- She Belongs to Me Blues, Coal Man Blues, Skoodle Um Skoo, Sheik of Desplaines Street, Ash Tray Blues, Jungle Man Blues, Baby Please Loan Me Your Heart -- Jackson, Jim. -- Bootlegging Blues, I’m Wild About My Lovin’, This Mornin’ She Was Gone, Hesitation Blues, St. Louis Blues, Poor Coal Passer -- James, Jesse. -- Sweet Patuni, Southern Casey Jones, Lonesome Day Blues -- James, Skip. -- Devil Got My Woman, Cypress Grove Blues, Cherry Ball Blues, Hard Time Killin’ Floor Blues, Special Rider Blues, Little Cow and Calf Is Gonna Die Blues, 22-20 Blues -- Jaxon, Frankie Half Pint. -- It’s Heated, Callin’ Corrine -- Jaxon, Frankie Half Pint, (Tampa Red). -- Come On, Mama – Do That Dance, She Can Love So Good -- Jefferson, Blind Lemon. -- Got the Blues, Long Lonesome Blues, Booster Blues, Dry Southern Blues, Black Horse Blues, Corinna Blues, Chock House Blues, Beggin’ Back, Old Rounders Blues, Stocking Feet Blues, That Black Snake Moan, Wartime Blues, Broke and Hungry, Shuckin’ Sugar, Booger Rooger Blues, Rabbit Foot Blues, Bad Luck Blues, Black Snake Moan, Match Box Blues, Easy Rider Blues, Match Box Blues, Rising High Water Blues, Right of Way Blues, Teddy Bear Blues, Black Snake Dream Blues, Struck Sorrow Blues, Rambler Blues, Chinch Bug Blues, Deceitful Brownskin Woman, Sunshine Special, Lonesome House Blues, Blind Lemon’s Penitentiary Blues, ‘Lectric Chair Blues, Lemon’s Worried Blues, Mean Jumper Blues, Balky Mule Blues, Change My Luck Blues, Prison Cell Blues, Long Lastin’ Lovin’, Piney Woods Money Mama, Low Down Mojo Blues, Competition Bed Blues, Sad News Blues, How Long How Long, Lock Step Blues, Hangman’s Blues, Christmas Eve Blues, Happy New Year Blues, Maltese Cat Blues, D B Blues, Eagle Eyed Mama, Dynamite Blues, Oil Well Blues, Tin Cup Blues, Empty House Blues, Saturday Night Spender Blues, That Black Snake Moan [No. 2], Peach Orchard Mama, Big Night Blues, Bed Springs Blues, Yo Yo Blues, Mosquito Moan, Southern Woman Blues, Bakershop Blues, Pneumonia Blues, Long Distance Moan, That Crawlin’ Baby Blues, Fence Breakin’ Yellin’ Blues, Cat Man Blues, Bootin’ Me ‘Bout -- Johnson, Alec. -- Miss Meal Cramp Blues, Next Week Sometime -- Johnson, Billiken. -- Sun Beam Blues, Interurban Blues, Frisco Blues, Wild Jack Blues -- Johnson, Buster. -- Undertaker Blues -- Johnson, Edith North. -- Nickel’s Worth of Liver Blues, Good Chib Blues, Can’t Make Another Day, Honeydripper Blues -- Johnson, Elizabeth. -- Be My Kid Blues, Sobbin’ Woman Blues -- Johnson, James Stump. -- Barrel of Whiskey Blues -- Johnson, Joe, (Memphis Minnie). -- I’m Going Back Home, Don’t Want No Woman -- Johnson, Ki Ki. -- Lady – Your Clock Ain’t Right, Wrong Woman Blues -- Johnson, Lem. -- Candy Blues -- Johnson, Lil. -- Never Let Your Left Hand Know, You’ll Never Miss Your Jelly Till Your Jelly Rollers Gone, House Rent Scuffle -- Johnson, Lonnie. -- Mr. Johnson's Blues, Falling Rain Blues, Sweet Woman You Can’t Go Wrong, St. Louis Cyclone Blues, Life Saver Blues, Blue Ghost Blues, Low Land Moan, I’m So Tired of Living All Alone, Way Down That Lonesome Road, When You Fall For Someone That’s Not Your Own, Baby Please Don’t Leave Me No More, Sam – You’re Just a Rat, I’m Nuts About that Gal, Racketeers Blues, Man Killing Broad, Hard Time Ain't Gone No Where, Flood Water Blues, It Ain’t What You Usta Be, Something Fishy, I’m Nuts Over You, Devil's Got the Blues, I Ain’t Gonna Be Your Fool, Mr. Johnson Swing, New Falling Rain Blues, Laplegged Drunk Again, Blue Ghost Blues, South Bound Backwater, Crowin’ Rooster Blues, -- Johnson, Lonnie, (Victoria Spivey). -- New Black Snake Blues [Part 1] -- Johnson, Louise. -- All Night Long Blues, Long Way from Home, On the Wall, By the Moon and Stars. -- Johnson, Margaret. -- When a ‘Gator Holler – Folk Say It’s a Sign of Rain -- Johnson, Mary. -- Barrel House Flat Blues, Key to the Mountain Blues, Rattlesnake Blues, Mary Johnson Blues -- Johnson, Robert. -- Kind Hearted Woman Blues, I Believe I’ll Dust My Broom, Sweet Home Chicago, Ramblin’ On My Mind, When You Get a Good Friend, Come On in My Kitchen, Terraplane Blues, Phonograph Blues, 32-20 Blues, They’re Red Hot, Dead Shrimp Blues, Cross Road Blues, Walkin’ Blues, Last Fair Deal Gone Down, Preachin’ Blues, If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day, Stone in My Passway, I’m a Steady Rollin Man, From Four Until Late, Hell Hound on My Trail, Little Queen of Spades, Malted Milk, Drunken Hearted Man, Me and the Devil Blues, Stop Breakin’ Down Blues, Traveling Riverside Blues, Honeymoon Blues, Love in Vain, Milkcow’s Calf Blues -- Johnson, T.C. -- J.C. Johnson’s Blues -- Johnson, Tommy. -- Cool Drink of Water Blues, Big Road Blues, Bye-Bye Blues, Maggie Campbell Blues, Canned Heat Blues, Lonesome Home Blues, Big Fat Mama Blues, Lonesome Home Blues, Black Mare Blues -- Jones, Anna. -- Trixie Blues -- Jones, Bo. -- Back Door Blues, Leavenworth Prison Blues -- Jones, Coley. -- Sweet Mama Blues, The Elder’s He’s My Man -- Jones, Coley, (French’s String Band). -- Texas and Pacific Blues, Drunkard’s Special -- Jones, Elijah. -- Katy Fly, Mean Actin’ Mama -- Jones, Jake. -- Monkeyin’ Around, Southern Sea Blues -- Jones, Little Hat. -- New Two Sixteen Blues, Two String Blues, Rolled From Side to Side Blues, Hurry Blues, Little Hat Blues, Corpus Blues, Bye Bye Baby Blues, Cross the Water Blues, Cherry Street Blues -- Jones, Maggie. -- Four Flushing Papa, Jealous Mama Blues, Box Car Blues, Western Union Blues, Poor House Blues, Anybody Here Want to Try My Cabbage, Thunderstorm Blues, If I Lose – Let Me Lose, Screamin’ the Blues, Good Time Flat Blues, You May Go – But You’ll Come Back Some Day, Early Every Morn’, Dangerous Blues, Suicide Blues, Undertaker’s Blues, North Bound Blues, Mamma, I’m a Back Bitin’ Mama, Dallas Blues, Never Drive a Beggar from Your Door, Single Woman’s Blues, Never Tell a Woman Friend, The Man I Love Is Oh So Good, I’m a Real Kind Mama -- Jordan, Charley. -- Stack O’ Dollars Blues, Keep It Clean, Big Four Blues, Raidin’ Squad Blues, Hunkie Tunkie Blues, Gasoline Blues, Keep It Clean [No. 2], You Run and Tell Your Daddy, Tight Haired Mama Blues, I Couldn’t Stay Here, Got Your Water On, Don’t Put Your Dirty Hands on Me -- Jordan, Luke. -- Church Bells Blues, Cocaine Blues, My Gal’s Done Quit Me -- Kelly, Eddie. -- Poole County Blues, Shim Shamming -- Kelly, Jack. -- Highway No. 61 Blues, Highway No. 61 Blues [No. 2], Red Ripe Tomatoes, Believe I’ll Go Back Home, Ko-ko-mo Blues, Cold Iron Bed, Betty Sue Blues, Flower Blues, Men Fooler Blues -- Weather, Stormy Weather. -- Short Hair Blues, What’s That Tastes Like Gravy -- David, King. -- Rising Sun Blues, Sweet Potato Blues, I Can Deal Worry -- Kyle, Charlie. -- Kyle’s Worried Blues -- Lacy, Rubin. -- Mississippi Jail House Groan, Ham Hound Crave -- Lasky, Louie. -- How You Want Your Rollin’ Done, Teasin’ Brown Blues -- Ledbetter, Huddie. -- Roberta [Part 1], Roberta [Part 2], Packin’ Trunk Blues, C.C. Rider, Honey – I'm All Out and Down, New Black Snake Moan, Alberta, Baby – Don’t You Love Me No More, Death Letter Blues [Part 1], Death Letter Blues [Part 2], Kansas City Papa, Red River Blues, My Friend Blind Lemon, Mr. Hughe’s Town, Shorty George, Match Box Blues, Yellow Jacket, T.B. Woman Blues, Pig Meat Papa, Bull Cow -- Lee, Bertha. -- Mind Reader Blues -- Leecan, Booby. -- Macon Georgia Cut-Out, Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out -- Lewis, Archie. -- Miss Handy Hanks -- Lewis, Furry. -- Jellyroll, Mr. Furry’s Blues, Sweet Papa Moan, Good Looking Girl Blues, Big Chief Blues, Falling Down Blues, Mean Old Bedbug Blues, Why Don’t You Come Home Blues, Furry’s Blues, I Will Turn Your Money Green, Mistreatin’ Mama, Dry Land Blues, Judge Harsh Blues, Black Gypsy Blues, Creeper’s Blues -- Lewis, Noah. -- Ticket Agent Blues, New Minglewood Blues, Bad Luck’s My Buddy -- Lewis, Noah, (Gus Cannon). -- Viola Lee Blues, Going to Germany, Pretty Mama Blues -- Lincoln, Charley. -- Jealous Hearted Blues, Hard Luck Blues, Mojoe Blues, My Wife Drove Me From the Door, Country Breakdown, Chain Gang Trouble, Doodle Hole Blues -- Linthecome, Joe. -- Pretty Mama Blues -- Liston, Virginia. -- Rolls-Royce Papa -- Joe, Little Son. -- Black Cat Swing -- Lockwood, Robert. -- Little Boy Blue, Take a Little Walk with Me -- Lofton, Cripple Claren. -- Monkey Man Blues, Brown Skin Girls, I Don’t Know, Change My Mind Blues, Streamline Train -- Lofton, Willie. -- Jake Leg Blues, My Mean Baby Blues, Dark Road Blues -- Lucas, Jane. -- Pussy Cat Blues, Where Did You Stay Last Night, Fix It, Double Trouble Blues, Leave My Man Alone -- McClennan, Tommy. -- Brown Skin Girl, Baby – Don’t You Want to Go -- McClennan, Tommy. -- New Highway No. 51, She’s Just Good Huggin’ Size, My Little Girl, My Baby’s Doggin’ Me, She’s a Good Looking Mama, Whiskey Head Man, New Sugar Mama, Down to Skin and Bones, Katy Mae Blues, Love with a Feeling, Drop Down Mama, Black Minnie, Elsie Blues, Cross Cut Saw Blues, You Can’t Read My Mind, Deep Blue Sea Blues, I’m a Guitar King, It’s a Cryin’ Pity, Mozelle Blues, Mr. So and So Blues -- McClintock, Lil. -- Furniture Man -- McClure, Matthew. -- Prisoner’s Blues -- McCoy, Charlie. -- Last Time Blues, That Lonesome Train Took My Baby Away, That Will Be Alright -- McCoy, Joe. -- When the Levee Breaks, I’m Wild About My Stuff, My Mary Blues, Cherry Ball Blues, Botherin’ that Thing, Pile Drivin’ Blues, I Called You This Morning

Note: McCoy, Joe, (cont.). -- Beat It Right, Preachers Blues, Shake Mattie, My Wash Woman’s Gone, Joliet Bound, Someday I’ll Be in the Clay, Evil Devil Woman Blues, Going Back Home, Something Gonna Happen to You -- McCoy, Joe, (Memphis Minnie). -- Goin’ Back to Texas, You Got to Move [Part 1] -- McCoy, Joe, (Harlem Hamfats). -- Oh Red, What You Gonna Do, Southern Blues, The Garbage Man, My Daddy Was a Movin’ Man, We Gonna Pitch a Boogie Woogie, Hallelujah Joe Ain’t Preachin’ No More -- McCoy, Robert Lee. -- Tough Luck, Friar’s Point Blues -- McCoy, William. -- Central Tracks Blues -- McFadden, Charlie Specks. -- People People Blues, Groceries on the Shelf -- MacFarland, Barrel House Buck. -- I Got to Go Blues -- Mack, Alura. -- West End Blues, Wicked Daddy Blues -- McMullen, Fred. -- Wait and Listen, De Kalb Chain Blues -- Macon, Ed. -- Wringing that Thing -- McPhail, Black Bottom. -- Down in Black Bottom, My Dream Blues, Whiskey Man Blues -- McTell, Blind Willie. -- Writin’ Paper Blues, Stole Rider Blues, Mama – ‘Tain’t Long Fo’ Day, Mr. McTell Got the Blues, Three Women Blues, Statesboro Blues, Atlanta Strut, Travelin’ Blues, Come On Around to My House Mama, Kind Mama, Drive Away Blues, Love-Changing Blues, Talking to Myself, Razor Ball, Southern Can Is Mine, Broke Down Engine Blues, Stomp Down Rider, Scarey Day Blues, Georgia Rag, Rollin’ Mama Blues, Searching the Desert for the Blues, Warm It Up to Me, It’s a Good Little Thing, Savannah Mama, Broke Down Engine, My Baby’s Gone, Death Cell Blues, B and O Blues [No. 2], Weary Hearted Blues, Southern Can Mama, Runnin’ Me Crazy, Bell Street Blues, Ticket Agent Blues, Cold Winter Day, Your Time to Worry -- Manning, Leola. -- The Blues Is All Wrong -- Martin, Carl. -- Farewell to You Baby, Badly Mistreated Man, Good Morning – Judge, Joe Louis Blues, Let’s Have a New Deal, Feelin’ Blue -- Martin, Daisy. -- What You Was You Used to Be -- Martin, Sara. -- Blind Man Blues, Death Sting Me Blues, Mistreating Man Blues -- Mason, Moses. -- Molly Man, Shrimp Man -- Minnie, Memphis. -- Goin’ Back to Texas, ‘Frisco Town, I’m Talking About You, Bumble Bee, I’m Going Back Home, Don’t Want No Woman, Georgia Skin, Memphis Minnie-Jitis Blues, Plymouth Rock Blues, New Dirty Dozens, New Bumble Bee, I’m Talking About You [No. 2], I Called You This Morning, Grandpa and Grandma Blues, Garage Fire Blues, North Memphis Blues, I Don’t Want that Junk Outa You, Crazy Cryin’ Blues, Soo Cow Soo, After While Blues, Where Is My Good Man, Ain’t No Use Trying to Tell On Me, Stinging Snake Blues, Drunken Barrelhouse Blues, You Got to Move [Part I], Chickasaw Train Blues, Squat It, Dirty Mother For You, You Can’t Give It Away, Reachin’ Pete, He’s in the Ring, Black Cat Blues, Man You Won’t Give Me No Money, Moonshine, It’s Hard to Be Mistreated, My Baby Don’t Want Me No More, Lonesome Shark Blues, Nothin in Rambling, Boy Friend Blues, It’s Hard to Please My Man, In My Girlish Days, Me and My Chauffeur Blues -- Minnie, Memphis, (Memphis Jug Band). -- Bumble Bee Blues, Meningitis Blues, What’s the Matter with the Mill -- Miles, Lizzie. -- Shootin’ Star Blues -- Miller, Lillian. -- Dead Drunk Blues -- Miller, Sodarisa. -- Sunshine Special -- Moaner, Mississippi. -- Mississippi Moan, It’s Cold in China Blues -- Montgomery, Eurreal Little Brother. -- The Woman I Love Blues, Pleading Blues, Vicksburg Blues [No. 2], Mama You Don’t Mean Me No Good, The First Time I Met You, Vicksburg Blues [Part 3], Out West Blues, Leaving Town Blues, West Texas Blues, Never Go Wrong Blues, Mistreatin’ Woman Blues -- Moore, Whistlin’ Alex. -- West Texas Woman, It Wouldn’t Be So Hard -- Moore, Alice. -- Black and Evil Blues, Prison Blues, My Man Blues, Broadway St. Woman Blues, Lonesome Dream Blues, Kid Man Blues, Black Evil Blues -- Moore, Monette. -- Black Hearse Blues, Scandal Blues -- Moore, Kid Prince. -- Bug Juice Blues, Honey Dripping Papa -- Moore, Rosie Mae. -- Staggering Blues, Ha-Ha Blues, School Girl Blues, Stranger Blues, Mad Dog Blues -- Moore, William. -- One Way Gal, Midnight Blues. -- Morand, Herb, (Harlem Hamfats). -- Root Hog or Die -- Moss, Buddy. -- Daddy Don’t Care, Hard Road Blues, Gravy Server, Gettin’ Dirty Just Shakin’ that Thing -- Nelson, Romeo. -- Dyin’ Rider Blues -- Nelson, Sonny Boy. -- Street Walkin’ -- Nelson, Blue Coat Tom, (T.C. Johnson Groups). -- Blue Coat Blues -- Newbern, Hambone Willie. -- She Could Toodle-Oo, Nobody Knows, Shelby County Workhouse Blues, Hambone Willie’s Dreamy-Eyed Woman’s Blues, Roll and Tumble Blues -- Nickerson, Charlie Bozo, (Memphis Jug Band). -- Everybody’s Talking About Sadie Green, Cave Man Blues, It Won’t Act Right, Going Back to Memphis, Got a Letter from My Darlin’, You May Leave But This Will Bring You Back, Move that Thing, Round and Round, You Got Me Rollin’ -- Noble, George. -- The Seminole Blues -- Oden, Jimmy. -- I Have Made Up My Mind, Sitting Down Thinking Blues, Going Down Slow -- Owens, Big Boy George. -- Kentucky Blues, The Coon Crap Game -- Owens, Marshall. -- Texas Blues, Try Me One More Time -- Palmer, Sylvester. -- Broke Man Blues -- Patton, Charley. -- Mississippi Bo Weavil Blues, Screamin’ and Hollerin’ Blues, Down the Dirt Road Blues, Pony Blues, Banty Rooster Blues, It Won’t Be Long, Pea Vine Blues, Tom Rushen Blues, Going to Move to Alabama, Devil Sent the Rain, Green River Blues, Hammer Blues, When Your Way Gets Dark, Heart Like Railroad Steel, High Water Everywhere [Part I], High Water Everywhere [Part II], Rattlesnake Blues, Mean Black Moan, Dry Well Blues, Moon Going Down, Bird Nest Bound, Jersey Bull Blues, High Sheriff Blues, Stone Pony Blues, 34 blues, Love My Stuff, Revenue Man Blues, Poor Me -- Perkins, Gertrude. -- No Easy Rider Blues -- Petties, Arthur. -- Two Time Blues, Out on Santa Fe [Blues], Good Boy Blues -- Petway, Robert. -- Catfish Blues, Bertha Lee Blues, My Baby Left Me, Cotton Pickin’ Blues -- Pickett, Charlie. -- Crazy ‘Bout My Black Gal, Let Me Squeeze Your Lemon, Down the Highway -- Jab, Poor. -- Come Along Little Children -- Jab, Poor, (Memphis Jug Band). -- Whitewash Station Blues, Stealin’ Stealin’ -- Pope, Jenny. -- Whiskey Drinkin’ Blues, Doggin’ Me Around Blues, Bull Frog Blues, Tennessee Workhouse Blues -- Pullum, Joe. -- Black Gal what Makes Your Head So Hard??? [No. 2] -- Rachel, Jame Yank. -- Little Sarah, T-Bone Steak Blues, Squeaky Work Bench Blues, Gravel Road Woman -- Rachel, James Yank, (Sleepy John Estes). -- Expressman Blues, Sweet Mama -- Rainey, Ma Gertrude. -- Bad Luck Blues, Bo-Weavil Blues, Barrel House Blues, Those All Night Long Blues, Moonshine Blues, Last Minute Blues, Southern Blues, Walking Blues, Lost Wandering Blues, Dream Blues, Honey Where You Been So Long, Ya-Da-Do, Those Dogs of Mine, Lucky Rock Blues, Jealous Hearted Blues, Cell Bound Blues, Army Camp Harmony Blues, Explaining the Blues, Rough and Tumble Blues, Night Time Blues, Four Day Honory Scat, Memphis Bound Blues, Slave to the Blues, Bessemer Bound Blues, Oh My Babe Blues, Down in the Basement, Trust No Man, Gone Daddy Blues, Misery Blues, Slow Driving Moan, Black Eye Blues -- Ramey, Ben, (Memphis Jug Band). -- I Can’t Stand It, Tired of You Driving Me, Cocaine Habit Blues -- Ranger, Jack. -- T.P. Window Blues -- Nelson, Red. -- Crying Mother Blues, Sweetest Thing Born -- Reed Willie. -- Dreaming Blues, Texas Blues, Leavin’ Home -- Reynolds, Blind Joe. -- Outside Woman Blues, Nehi Blues, Married Man Blues, Third Street Woman Blues -- Rhodes, Walter. -- The Crowing Rooster, Leaving Home Blues -- Richardson, Mooch. -- T and T Blues, Mooch Richardson’s Low Down Barrel House Blues [Part 1], Burying Ground Blues -- Robinson, Bob, (The Hokum Boys). -- Selling That Stuff, Beedle Um Bum -- Roland, Walter. -- T Model Blues, Dices’ Blues, Early in the Morning [No. 2], Big Mama, Every Morning Blues, 45 Pistol Blues, Penniless Blues -- Rupert, Ollie. -- I Raised My Window and Looked at the Risin’ Sun, Ain’t Goin’ to Be Your Low Down Dog -- Schaffer, Ed, (Shreveport Home Wreckers). -- Fence Breakin’ Blues, Home Wreckin’ Blues -- Scott, Sonny. -- Red Cross Blues -- Scruggs, Irene. -- My Back to the Wall -- Shade, Will. -- Better Leave That Stuff Alone -- Shade, Will (Memphis Jug Band). -- Sometimes I Think I Love You, Memphis Boy [Blues], I Packed My Suitcase – Started to the Train, State of Tennessee, Kansas City Blues, Evergreen Money Blues, She Stays Out All Night Long, She Stays Out All Night Long, A Black Woman Is Like a Black Snake, On the Road Again, Whitewash Station Blues, Stealin’ Stealin’, What’s the Matter, Feed Your Friend with a Long Handled Spoon, I Can Beat You Plenty, Taking Your Place, Jim Strainer, Mary Anna Cut Off, Take Your Fingers Off It, She Done Sold It Out -- Shaw, Allen. -- I Couldn’t Help It, Moanin’ the Blues -- Shaw, Allen, (Hattie Hart). -- Coldest Stuff in Town -- Short, Jaydee. -- Telephone Arguin' Blues, Lonesome Swamp Rattlesnake, Snake Doctor Blues, Barefoot Blues, Grand Daddy Blues -- Simpson, Coletha. -- Down South Blues -- Sims, Henry. -- Farrell Blues, Tell Me Man Blues -- Sluefoot, Joe. -- Tootin’ Out Blues, Shouting Baby Blues -- Smith, ..., (Smith and Harper). -- Insurance Policy Blues

Note: Smith, Bessie. -- Down Hearted Blues, Jail-House Blues, Ticket Agent Ease Your Window Down, Weeping Willow Blues, The St. Louis Blues, Reckless Blues, Sobbin’ Hearted Blues, Cold In Hand Blues, You’ve Been a Good Old Wagon, The Yellow Dog Blues, Nashville Women’s Blues, J.C. Holmes Blues, I Ain’t Goin’ to Play Second Fiddle, Jazzbo Brown from Memphis Town, The Gin House Blues, Baby Doll, Lost Your Head Blues, One and Two Blues, Young Woman’s Blues, Preachin’ the Blues, Back Water Blues, After You’ve Gone, Trombone Cholly, Send Me to the ‘Lectric Chair, Mean Old Bed Bug Blues, Empty Bed Blues [Part], Poor Man’s Blues, Me and My Gin, Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out, St. Louis Blues [Part], Blue Spirit Blues, Black Mountain Blues, Long Old Road, Shipwreck Blues, Do Your Duty, Gimme a Pigfoot, Take Me for a Buggy Ride, I’m Down in the Dumps -- Smith, Bessie Mae. -- St. Louis Daddy, Sugar Man Blues [Part 1], Sugar Man Blues [Part 2] -- Smith, Clara. -- I Got Everything a Woman Needs, Every Woman’s Blues, Down South Blues, All Night Blues, Play It a Long Time Papa, I Want My Sweet Daddy Now, I Never Miss My Sunshine, Don’t Never Tell Nobody, Kansas City Man Blues, Uncle Sam Blues, It Won’t Be Long Now, Hot Papa, I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down, I Don’t Love Nobody, Good Looking Papa Blues, You Don’t Know My Mind, My Doggone Lazy Man, 31st Street Blues, War Horse Mama, Mean Papa – Turn in Your Key, The Clearing House Blues, Don’t Advertise Your Man, Back Woods Blues, Deep Blue Sea Blues, Texas Moaner Blues, Basement Blues, Mama’s Gone Goodbye, Freight Train Blues, Done Sold My Soul to the Devil, Death Letter Blues, Prescription for the Blues, Steel Drivin’ Man, He’s Mine – All Mine, Broken Busted Blues, Shipwrecked Blues, Court House Blues, My John Blues -- Smith, Eithel. -- Jelly Roll Mill -- Smith, Ivy. -- Sad and Blue, Third Alley Blues -- Smith, J.T., Funny Paper. -- Howling Wolf Blues [No. 1], Howling Wolf Blues [No. 2], Good Coffee Blues, Honey Blues, Corn Whiskey Blues, County Jail Blues, Hungry Wolf, Hoppin’ Toad Frog, Fool’s Blues, Seven Sisters Blues [Part 1], Seven Sisters Blues [Part 2], Before Long -- Smith, J.T., Funny Paper., (Magnolia Harris). -- Mama’s Quittin’ and Leavin’ [Part 1], Mama’s Quittin’ and Leavin’ [Part 2] -- Smith, J.T., Funny Paper., (Dessa Foster). -- Tell It to the Judge [No. 1], Tell It to the Judge [No. 2] -- Smith, Laura. -- Gonna Put You Right in Jail, Don’t You Leave Me Here -- Smith, Mamie. -- Jenny's Ball -- Smith, Six Cylinder. -- Oh Oh Lonesome Blues, Pennsylvania Woman Blues -- Smith, Trixie. -- I Don’t Know and I Don’t Care Blues, Freight Train Blues, Sorrowful Blues, Don’t Shake It No More, Praying Blues, Ride Jockey Ride, Choo Choo Blues, You’ve Got to Beat Me to Keep Me, Mining Camp Blues, The World’s Jazz Crazy and So Am I, Railroad Blues, He Likes It Slow, Black Bottom Hop, Love Me Like You Used To, Freight Train Blues, No Good Man -- Spand, Charlie. -- Good Gal, Back to the Woods Blues -- Sparks, Milton. -- Erie Train Blues -- Spaulding, Henry. -- Cairo Blues, Biddle Street Blues -- Speckled, Red. -- House Dance Blues -- Spivey, Sweet Pease. -- Double Dozens -- Spivey, Victoria. -- Arkansas Road Blues, The Alligator Pond Went Dry, Murder in the First Degree, My Handy Man, Organ Grinder Blues, New Black Snake Blues [Part 1], How Do You Do It That Way, Telephoning the Blues, Don’t Trust Nobody Blues, Black Snake Swing, I’ll Never Fall in Love Again, T. B.’s Got Me Blues, I Can’t Last Long, Detroit Moan -- Spruell, Freddie. -- Milk Cow Blues, Muddy Water Blues, Way Back Down Home, Tom Cat Blues, Low-Down Mississippi Bottom Man, 4A Highway, Don’t Cry Baby, Your Man Is Gone, Let’s Go Riding, Mr. Freddie’s Kokomo Blues -- Stevens, Vol. -- Vol Stevens Blues, Baby Got the Rickets -- Stevens, Vol, (Memphis Jug Band). -- Beale Street Mess Around, I’ll See You in the Spring When the Birds Begin to Sing, Coal Oil Blues, Papa Long Blues, Aunt Caroline Dyer Blues, Stonewall Blues -- Stokes, Frank. -- You Shall, Sweet to Mama, Half Cup of Tea, Beale Town Bound, Last Go Round, You Shall, Its a Good Thing, Mr. Crump Don’t Like It, Blues in D, Downtown Blues, Downtown Blues, Bedtime Blues, What’s the Matter Blues, Mistreatin’ Blues, It Won’t Be Long Now, Nehi Mama Blues, Stomp that Thing, Take Me Back, How Long, Ain’t Going to Do Like I Used to Do, Hunting Blues, South Memphis Blues, Bunker Hill Blues, Right Now Blues, Shiney Town Blues, Frank Stoke’s Dream, Memphis Rounders Blues -- Stone, Joe. -- It’s Hard Time, Back Door Blues -- [No. 1], Stove Pipe. -- Court Street Blues, A Woman Gets Tired of the Same Man All the Time, Bed Slats -- Sykes, Roosevelt. -- 44 Blues, All My Money Gone Blues, The Way I Feel Blues, Fire Detective Blues, Single Tree Blues, Skeet and Garret, Lost All I Had Blues, Poor Boy Blues, Kelly’s 44 Blues, 3 6 and 9, We Can Sell that Thing, No Good Woman Blues, As True As I’ve Been to You, Hard Luck Man Blues, Mr. Sykes Blues, Highway 61 Blues -- Sykes, Roosevelt. -- Highway 61 Blues, Midnight Blues, Down South Blues, I Want My Sweet Daddy, Through Train Blues, It’s Tight Like That, The Duck Yas-Yas-Yas, What Is It That Tastes Like Gravy -- Red, Tampa. -- No Matter How She Done It, Kingfish Blues, Mean Mistreater Blues, Seminole Blues -- Red, Tampa, (Jim Jackson). -- Jim Jackson's Jamboree [Part I] -- Taylor, Charley. -- Heavy Suitcase Blues, Louisiana Bound -- Temple, Johnnie. -- Big Boat Whistle, The Evil Devil Blues, Louise Louise Blues, So Lonely and Blue, New Louise Louise Blues -- Tommy, Texas. -- Jail Break Blues -- Thomas, Elvie. -- Motherless Child Blues -- Thomas, George. -- Fast Stuff Blues, Don’t Kill Him in Here -- Thomas, Henry. -- Cottonfield Blues, Arkansas, Bob McKinney, Shanty Blues, Honey – Won’t You Allow Me One More Chance, Run – Mollie – Run, Bull Doze Blues, Texas Worried Blues, Don’t Ease Me In, Texas Easy Street Blues, Charmin’ Betsy, Don’t Leave Me Here -- Thomas, Hociel. -- Gambler's Dream, Adam and Eve Had the Blues, Put It Where I Can Get It, I’ve Stopped My Man, Listen to Ma -- Thomas, Jesse Babyface. -- Blue Goose Blues, No Good Woman Blues -- Thomas, Ramblin’. -- So Lonesome, Hard to Rule Woman Blues, Lock and Key Blues, Sawmill Moan, No Baby Blues, Ramblin’ Mind Blues, No Job Blues, Back Gnawing Blues, Jig Head Blues, Hard Dallas Blues, Ramblin’ Man, Poor Boy Blues, Good Time Blues, New Way of Living Blues -- Thomkins, Jim. -- Bedside Blues -- Thompson, Ashley, (Gus Cannon). -- Minglewood Blues -- Thompson, Edward. -- Showers of Rain Blues, Florida Bound, Seven Sister Blues, West Virginia Blues -- Torey, George. -- Married Woman Blues, Lonesome Man Blues -- Townsend, Henry. -- Henry’s Worried Blues, Mistreated Blues, Long Ago Blues, Poor Man Blues, Sick with the Blues, She’s Got a Mean Disposition -- Townsend, Sam. -- Lily Kimball Blues -- Tucker, Bessie. -- Bessie’s Moan, Penitentiary -- Turner, Buck. -- Black Ace, Christmas Time Blues -- Turner, Joe. -- Blues on Central Avenue -- Unknown, (Kansas City Blues Strummers). -- String Band Blues -- Unknown, (Memphis Jug Band). -- Snitchin’ Gambler Blues, Sugar Pudding -- Unknown, (George Bullet Williams). -- Touch Me Light Mama -- Unknown (?James, Skip?). -- Throw Me Down -- Unknown, (Lewis, Noah). -- Selling the Jelly -- Unknown, (Birmingham Jug Band). -- German Blues, The Wild Cat Squawl, Gettin’ Ready for Trial, Giving It Away -- Vincson, Walter. -- Overtime Blues -- Vincson, Walter, (Mississippi Sheiks). -- Sitting on Top of the World, Stop and Listen Blues, Lonely One in this Town, Yodeling Fiddling Blues, Your Good Man Caught the Train and Gone, Unhappy Blues, Honey Babe Let the Deal Go Down, She Ain’t No Good, Ramrod Blues, Stop and Listen Blues [No. 2], Please Baby, The World Is Going Wrong, Shake Hands and Tell Me Goodbye, I’ve Got Blood in My Eyes for You, The New Stop and Listen Blues, Go Away Woman, New Shake that Thing, Don’t Wake It Up, I’ll Be Gone Long Gone -- Virgial, Otto. -- Little Girl in Rome, Bad Notion Blues -- Walker, Aaron T-Bone. -- Trinity River Blues -- Walker, Uncle Bud. -- Look Here Mama Blues, Stand Up Suitcase Blues -- Walker, Willie. -- South Carolina Rag -- Wallace, Minnie. -- Dirty Butter, The Old Folks Started It, The Cockeyed World, Field Mouse Stomp, Special Delivery Blues -- Wallace, Sippie. -- Jack O’ Diamonds Blues, Bedroom Blues, Dead Drunk Blues, Have You Ever Been Down, Lazy Man Blues, The Flood Blues, Mama Don't Allow [No. 1] -- Sam, Washboard. -- Jesse James Blues, Mama Don't Allow [No. 2], Out with the Wrong Woman, Come On In, Big Woman, Back Door, We Gonna Move, Low Down Woman, Lowland Blues, I’m On My Way Blues, Bucket’s Got a Hole in It, Save It for Me, Sophisticated Mama, Diggin’ My Potatoes, I’m Goin’ to St. Louis, Yes I Got Your Woman, Life Is Just a Book, I’m Not the Lad, My Feet Jumped Salty, Flying Crow Blues, Levee Camp Blues, I’m Feeling Low Down, Brown and Yellow Woman Blues, She Belongs to the Devil, Let Me Play Your Vendor, Gonna Hit the Highway, I’ve Been Treated Wrong, Evil Blues, Get Down Brother, Lover’s Lane Blues, You Stole My Love, I Laid My Cards on the Table, I Get the Blues at Bedtime -- Walter, Washboard. -- Narrow Face Blues, Insurance Man Blues -- Washington, Elizabeth. -- Garden of Joy [Blues] -- Washington, Louis. -- Tallahassee Woman -- Washington, Louis. -- Black Snake Blues

Note: Waters, Ethel. -- One Man Nan, There’ll Be Some Changes Made, Georgia Blues, That Da Da Strain, At the New Jump Steady Ball, Oh – Joe – Play that Trombone, Memphis Man, Midnight Blues, You Cant Do What My Last Man Did, Ethel Sings ‘Em, Craving Blues -- Weaver, Curley. -- Sweet Patunia, No No Blues, Sometime Mama, Oh Lawdy Mama, Two Faced Woman, Fried Pie Blues -- Weaver, Sylvester. -- Can’t Be Trusted Blues -- Weldon, Will. -- Turpentine Blues, Hitch Me to Your Buggy and Drive Me Like a Mule, W.P.A. Blues, Blues Everywhere I Go, Somebody’s Got to Go, Red Hot Blues, Worried About that Woman -- Weldon, Will, (Memphis Jug Band). -- Stingy Woman [Blues], Memphis Jug [Blues], Sunshine Blues, Peaches in the Springtime -- Welsh, Nolan. -- The Bridwell Blues, St. Peter Blues, Dying Pickpocket Blues -- Wheatstraw, Peetie. -- Mama’s Advice, Ain’t It a Pity and a Shame, Don’t Hang My Clothes on No Barbed Wire Line, C and A Blues, Ice and Snow Blues, Sleepless Nights Blues, All Night Long Blues, Throw Me in the Alley, Doin’ the Best I Can, The Rising Sun Blues, Letter Writing Blues, Cocktail Man Blues, King Spider Blues, Last Dime Blues, King of Spades, First and Last Blues, True Blue Woman, Sweet Home Blues, Good Woman Blues, Working Man, Low Down Rascal, When I Get My Bonus, Coon Can Shorty, The First Shall Be the Last and the Last Shall Be First, Deep Sea Love, Remember and Forget Blues, Don’t Take a Chance, Block and Tackle, Cut Out Blues, When a Man Gets Down, False Hearted Woman, Crazy with the Blues, Peetie Wheatstraw Stomp, Peetie Wheatstraw Stomp [No. 2], Crapshooter’s Blues, Working on the Project, Sick Bed Blues, I’m Gonna Cut Out Everything, Devilment Blues, Shack Bully Stomp, Road Tramp Blues, Truckin’ Thru’ Traffic, Sugar Mama -- Rufus, Whistlin’. -- Sweet Jelly Rollin’ -- White, Georgia. -- Pigmeat Blues, Walking the Street, The Blues Ain’t Nothin’ But... -- White, Joshua. -- Welfare Blues, Stormy Weather [No 1] -- White, Washington. -- The Panama Limited, Pinebluff Arkansas, Shake ‘Em On Down, Black Train Blues, Strange Place Blues, When Can I Change My Clothes, Sleepy Man Blues, Parchman Farm Blues, Good Gin Blues, High Fever Blues, District Attorney Blues, Fixin’ to Die Blues, Aberdeen Mississippi Blues, Bukka’s Jitterbug Swing, Special Stream Line -- Wiggins, James Boodle It. -- Evil Woman Blues, Forty-Four Blues, Frisco Bound Blues, Corrine Corrina Blues, Gotta Shave ‘Em Dry -- Wilber, Bill. -- My Babe My Babe, Greyhound Blues -- Wiley, Geeshie. -- Eagles on a Half -- Wiley, Geeshie, (Elvie Thomas). -- Over to My House -- Wilkins, Robert. -- Jail House Blues, I Do Blues, That’s No Way to Get Along, Alabama Blues, Long Train Blues, Falling Down Blues, Nashville Stonewall Blues, Police Sergeant Blues, Get Away Blues, I’ll Go With Her Blues, Dirty Deal Blues, New Stock Yard Blues, Old Jim Canan’s -- Williams, Henry. -- Georgia Crawl, Lonesome Blues -- Williams, Jabo. -- Polock Blues -- Williams, Joe. -- Little Leg Woman, Somebody’s Been Borrowing that Stuff, 49 Highway Blues, My Grey Pony, Stepfather Blues, Baby Please Don’t Go, Wild Cow Blues, I Know You Gonna Miss Me, Rootin’ Ground Hog, Brother James, I Won’t Be in Hard Luck No More, Crawlin’ King Snake, I’m Getting Wild About Her, Peach Orchard Mama, Meet Me Around the Corner, Please Don’t Go, Highway 49, Someday Baby, Break ‘Em On Down, I Want It Awful Bad, Mr. Devil Blues, Get Your Head Trimmed Down, Peach Orchard Mama -- Williamson, Sonny Boy. -- Skinny Woman, Collector Man Blues, Early in the Morning, Project Highway, Moonshine, Miss Louisa Blues, Down South, Until My Love Come Down, Honey Bee Blues, Whiskey Headed Blues, Lord – Oh Lord Blues, You Give an Account, Shannon Street Blues, You’ve Been Foolin’ Round Town, Deep Down in the Ground, Number Five Blues, Christmas Morning Blues, Susie-Q, Blue Bird Blues [Part 1], Little Girl Blues, Low Down Ways, Goodbye Red, The Right Kind of Life, Insurance Man Blues, Rainy Day Blues, Bad Luck Blues, T. B. Blues, Joe Louis and John Henry, Train Fare Blues, Welfare Store Blues, My Little Machine, Western Union Man, Big Apple Blues, My Baby Made a Change, Shotgun Blues, Shady Grove Blues, Sloppy Drunk Blues, She Was a Dreamer, You Got to Step Back, Ground Hog Blues, Black Panter Blues, Broken Hearted Blues, She Don’t Love Me That Way, My Black Name Blues -- Willis, Ruth Mary. -- Experience Blues, Painful Blues, Man of My Own -- Wilson, Leola B. -- Scoop It, Stevedore Man, Down the Country, Back Biting Bee Blues -- Wilson, Kid Wesley, (Leola B. Wilson). -- Scoop It, The Gin Done Done It, Do It Right -- Woods, Hosea, (Gus Cannon). -- Fourth and Beale, Last Chance Blues, The Rooster’s Crowing Blues, Wolf River Blues, Prison Wall Blues -- Woods, Oscar. -- Evil Hearted Woman, Lone Wolf Blues, Don’t Sell It [Don’t Give It Away], Don’t Sell It -- Yates, Blind Richard. -- I’m Gonna Moan My Blues Away, Sore Bunion Blues

Note: “Associated with a series of contextual concordances published...under the general editorship of Michael J. Preston” -- Verso

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