Anthology of Middle English texts / Santiago Gonzalez y Fernandez-Corugedo


Anthology of Middle English texts / Santiago Gonzalez y Fernandez-Corugedo


Fernández-Corugedo, S. G. (Santiago González) (ed.)


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English, Middle (1100-1500); English; Hebrew

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English literature -- Middle English, 1100-1500

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Anthology of Middle English texts Fernández-Corugedo, S. G. (Santiago González) added name Earle, John, 1824-1903 added name Plummer, Charles, 1851-1927 added name Wycliffe, John, d. 1384 added name Chaucer, Geoffrey, d. 1400 added name Robert, of Gloucester, fl. 1260-1300 [s.n.] [Oviedo]: [1990]

Note: Contents: 11th Century. Durham -- Edward’s Death. Earle and Plummer, eds. -- Anglosaxon Chronical 1066-1100. Earle and Plummer, eds. ; 12th Century. Anglosaxon Chronicle 1111-1154. Earle and Plummer, eds. -- Worcester Fragment MS. Hall, J.,ed. Worcester Cathedral Library 174 (1920) : f. 63r-64r) -- Poema Morale. Lambeth MS 487 : f. 59v-65r.1-270, Bodleian Library MS Egerton 613 : f. 69r-70v and f. 12v.271-370, 371-396, Trinity College Cambridge MS B.14.52. Moss (1979) f. 1r-8v: 1-400) -- Ancrene Wisse -- Ancrene Riwle -- Sawles Warde -- Lawman’s Brut -- Owl [and] Nightingale -- Orrmulum -- Godric’s Hymns -- Proverbs of Alfred -- Charter of Henry II ; 13th Century. Proclamation of H.III -- Chronicle of R. de Gloucester -- King Horn -- Havelok the Dane -- Bestiary -- Fox [and] Wolf -- Dame Siriz -- The thrush and the nightingale. MS Digby 86. ff. 136vb--138rb -- Vices [and] Virtues -- St. Marherete -- St. Katherine -- St. Catherine -- St. Swithun -- Kentish Sermons I-V -- Cursor Mundi C. Imp. Br à -- Lyrics. Harley MS -- Clerico et Puella -- Cokaygne -- The dispute of the body and soul. Transcription ed. of six MSS: Auchinleck ff. 31vB-35rA (A), Digby 102. ff. 136r-139v (D), English Poet. A.1 (Vernon), ff. 286rC-287rB (V), Laud 108. ff. 200v-203v.(L), Royal 18 AX. f. 61v-66v (R), Additional 22283 (Simeon) f. 80vA-C (S) ; 14th century. Piers Plowman B -- Richard Rolle -- St. Erkenwald -- Wycliffe, John, d. 1384 -- Chaucer, Geoffrey, d. 1400. The pardoner's tale [and] The reeve's Tale -- Morte Arthure -- The parlement of foulys

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