Taming of a shrew

  • Taming of a shrew
  • Taming of a shrew

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Shakespeare, William, -- 1564-1616. -- Taming of the shrew -- Sources
Plays -- England -- 16th century

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Not recorded. (Edited English version of University of Oxford Text Archive text 0004 which in turn was transcribed from a printed American transcription of the ms. in the Huntingdon Library, California: A pleasant conceited historie, called The taming of a shrew : as it was sundrie times acted by the right honorable the Earle of Pembrook his seruants -- Imprinred [sic] at London : by P.[eter] S.[hort] and are to be sold by Cuthbert Burbie, at his shop at the Royall Exchange, 1596. -- The taming of a shrew ... was once thought to be Shakespeare's source, but it is now considered to be a corrupt version of his play [The taming of the shrew] compiled by the actor who played Grumio and an unknown playwright, from the Oxford companion to English literature.)


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