Amele texts


Amele texts


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Amele; English

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Electronic publications -- United States -- 20th century

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Folk tales
Amele language
Fiction -- Papua New Guinea
Folk tales -- Papua New Guinea
Biographies -- Papua New Guinea
Autobiographies -- Papua New Guinea
Memoirs -- Papua New Guinea

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Electronic resource created April 1981.


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Contents: File 1 (readme.1184). An explanation of the text with a detailed list of contents ; File 2 (amele.1184). Amele texts

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Amele is a Papuan language. This text consists of folk tales, memoirs, etc in Amele with an English paraphrase in most cases

Publication based on this text: Amele / John R. Roberts. -- London : Croom Helm, 1987. -- ISBN 0-70994254-0

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