The Life of S. Pancratius of Taormina / Evagrius, Bishop of Taormina


The Life of S. Pancratius of Taormina / Evagrius, Bishop of Taormina


Evagrius, Bishop of Taormina


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Greek, Ancient (to 1453)

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Christian saints -- Italy -- Biography -- 7th century

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The Life of S. Pancratius of Taormina Evagrius, Bishop of Taormina Stallman-Pacitti, Cynthia J. University of Oxford [Oxford]: 1986

Note: This resource was created in 1986 and therefore does not conform to the latest standards in text encoding. It may therefore be of limited use, and of mainly historical interest. A sample of the text is given below:

Note: >>Ege'neto meta` to` a>nalhfqh~nai to`n ku'rion h<mw~n >Ihsou~n Xristo`n ei>v tou`v ou>ranou`v kai` kaqesqh~nai e>n deci@a~ tou~ patro'v, o<'qen ou>k e>xwri'sqh, h>~lqon oi< a>po'stoloi a>po` tou~ o>'rouv tou~ kaloume'nou >Elaiw~nov ei>v <Ieroso'luma, kai` w>'fqh au>toi~v a>'ggelov kuri'ou dia` pneu'matov a<gi'ou e>ntello'menov au>toi~v a>po`

Note: Thesis (D.Phil)

Note: 2 vols.

Note: Vol. 1, Text -- Vol. 2, Introduction and commentary. -- Text purports to have been written by Pancratius' successor, Evagrius. -- "The editio princeps of the first recension is presented here, based on six manuscripts (Vat. Gr. 1591, Mess. S. Salv. 53, Crypt BbV, Vat. Gr. 1985, Vind. Hist. Gr. 3, and Vat. Ottobon. Gr.92)" -- Abstract

Note: Edited from mss.: Codex Vaticanus Graecus 1591 (olim Crypoferratensis 40), a. 964 in the Biblioteca vaticana (X); Codex Messanensis S. Salvatoris 53, c. xii in the Università di Messina (S); Codex Cryptoferratensis BbV, c. x in Grottaferrata Monastery (C); Codex Vaticanus Graecus 1985 (olim Basilianus 24), c. xi in the Biblioteca vaticana (Y); Codex Vindobonensis Historicus Graecus 3 (olim 11), c. xi in the Imperial Library in Vienna (V); and Codex Vaticanus Ottobonensis Graecus 92 (olim Altaempsianus), c. xvi in the Biblioteca vaticana (O)

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