Research at Oxford on tree-ring dating of oak / J. M. Fletcher


Research at Oxford on tree-ring dating of oak / J. M. Fletcher


Fletcher, J. M., 1910-


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Annual values in MM of chronologies developed and single sequences measured

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Contents: File 1 (d0.692). Index ; File 2 (d1.692). Oak chronologies spanning AD 416-1687 ; File 3 (d2.692). Portraits on single panels with arched tops ; File 4 (d3.692). Portraits of English royalty: originals or copies ; File 5 (d4.692). Portraits of Tudor courtiers or clerics ; File 6 (d5.692). Holbein: original works and copies ; File 7 (d6.692). Successors to Holbein in England: Eworth, Flicke, Bettes, Scrots, Gheeraerts ; File 8 (d7.692). 16th & 17th cent. copies possibly from long gallery sets ; File 9 (d8.692). Elizabethan and Jacobean portraits ; File 10 (d9.692). Netherlandish & continental paintings ; File 11 (d90.692). Religious and allegorical paintings

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