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Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo


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Patristic texts -- 1st-5th century period

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Augustine, -- Saint, Bishop of Hippo -- Literary collections
Anthologies -- 1st-5th century period

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Contra academicos. De beata vita. De ordine. De libero arbitrio I. De magistro. Epistula. De vera religione. Contra Cresconium — Corpus scriptorum ecclesiasticorum latinorum Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften Vol. 1 (1866)- ; v. ; 22 cm. C. Geroldi Filium Vindobonae [Vienna]: 1866-

Note: Electronic text transcribed from: vols. 34, 52, 63, 74, 77. Passim.

Soliloquiorum. De quantitate animae. De musica. De immortalitate animae. De moribus ecclesiae catholicae. De Genesi contra Manichaeos — Patrologiae cursus completus, sive bibliotheca universalis, integra, uniformis, commoda, oeconomica, omnium ss. patrum, doctorum scriptorumque ecclesiasticorum, qui ab aevo apostolico ad Innocentii III tempora floruerunt ... series Latina ... Migne, J.-P. (Jacques-Paul), 1800-1875 Vols. 32, 34 ; passim. ; 28 cm. J.-P. Migne Parisiis: [18??]


De doctrina christiana — Sancti Aurelii Augustini De doctrina Christiana ; De vera religione Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo p. passim. ; 26 cm. Typographi Brepols Turnholti [Turnhout]: 1962 : Corpus Christianorum. Series Latina ; 32



The University of Oxford Text Archive has two identical files for this text from the same depositor. There seems to be no difference between them - aug.315 and augustine.315

General editor: Stephen V. F. Waite

Contents: Contra Academicos II.iii.7-9, II.v.12-vi.14, III.iv.9-v.11 and III.xv.34-xvi.35. De beata vita i.5-ii.8. De ordine I.i.1-ii.3, II.vii.21-23 and II.xv.43-XVII.46. Soliloquiorum II.viii.15-x.18 and II.xvii.31-xviii.33. De quantitate animae vii.12-viii.13, xvi.28-xviii.31 and xxxiv.7 7-xxxv.79. De musica I.iv.5-7, I.ix.15-x.17, I.xii.20-21, III.i.1-ii.3, IV.xii.14-15, IV.xvii.35-V.i.1, VI.ii.3-iii.4 and VI.x.28-xi.31. De libero arbitrio I, I.1-9. De magistro 4-6 and 28-30. De immortalitate animae i.1-iii.3. De moribus eccles. catholicae I.v.8-vi.10, I.xvi.28-xvii.31, II.ix.14-16, II.xi.20-23 and II.xvi.41-43. De Genesi contra Manichaeos I.vii.14-ix.16, II.x.13-xi.15 and II.xx.30-xxi.32. Epistula XI.1-3. De vera religione xx.38-xi.41. Contra Academicos III.xiii.29. De Ordine xii.35-xiii.38. De doctrina christiana II.xxxi.48-xxxv.53. Contra Cresconium I.xiii.16-xx.25.

Publication based on this text: De dialectica / Augustine ; translated with introduction and notes by B. Darrell Jackson ; from the text newly edited by Jan Pinborg. -- Dordrecht, [Netherlands] ; Boston, [Mass.] : Reidel, 1975. -- (Synthese historical library ; v. 16). -- Partial contents: Pp. [43]-75. A quantitative study of the authorship of De dialectica. -- ISBN 90-277-0538-0.

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