Faerie queene

  • Faerie queene
  • The faerie qveene : disposed into twelue bookes, fashioning XII morall vertues

Spenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599


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Book I is complete, proofread, edited and has references on the left hand side

Books II, III, V, VI are complete but uncorrected

Book IV lacks the last two cantos

Book VII consists of cantos vi, vii and viii only, and is uncorrected

Old spelling retained

Capitalisation retained

u/v retained

i always used for j

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Poems -- England -- 16th century

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Transcribed from: Spenser's Faerie queene / edited by J.C. Smith. -- Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1909. -- 2 v. -- Contents: Vol. 1. Books 1-3 -- v. 2. Books 4-7. -- (The poetical works of Edmund Spenser ; v. 2-3).


From the depositor: "Book IV has the last two cantos missing ... Book VII consists of cantos vi, vii and viii only"

Spenser's poem only consists of six books. The title of the text to which the compiler refers as Book VII is: Two cantos of mvtabilitie : which for forme and matter, appeare to be parcell of some following Booke of the Faerie qveene, under the legend of Constancie : never before imprinted

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