Libro llamado Relox de principes. English

  • Libro llamado Relox de principes. English
  • The golden boke of Marcvs Avrelivs, emperovr and eloqvent oratovr

Guevara, Antonio de, Bp., d. 1545?


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Marcus Aurelius, -- Emperor of Rome, -- 121-180
Education of Princes
Biographies -- Spain -- 16th century

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Textabdruck des Golden boke von 1535 — Guevara in England : nebst Neudruck von Lord Berners' Golden boke of Marcus Aurelius (1535) / von José Maria Gálvez Guevara, Antonio de, Bp., d. 1545? Gálvez Oliváres, José Maria, 1880- tr. Berners, John Bourchier, Lord, 1466 or 7-1533 p. 99-443 ; 23 cm Mayer & Müller Berlin: 1916 Copy consulted for validation: Taylor Institution Library, ASP.6214.A.2 : Palestra ; 109

Note: Published in part as the editor's inaugral dissertation (xiv, 100 p.) 1910

Note: Reprint of Lord Berners' translation of a French version of Libro aureo de Marco Aurelio, a surreptitious edition of Guevara's work, which appeared without the author's name in 1528-1529. The genuine edition, enlarged and revised, appeared in 1529 under the titles: Libro llamado Relox de princepes. This was translated into English under the title: The diall of princes. It is a fictitious account of Marcus Aurelius (cf. R. Foulché-Delbosc in Revue hispanique, t. 33, p. 377-382; Cejador y Frauca. Hist. de la leng. y lit. castellana; t. 2, p. 86-90; Guevara, Diall of princes, with introd. by K. N. Colvile, p. xvii-xix)


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Contents: The tabvl [detailed list of contents]. The prologve. Marcvs Avrelivs

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