Cursor mundi

  • Cursor mundi
  • Cursor mundi : ms. in the library of the College of Physicians, Edinburgh

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English, Middle (1100-1500)

Editorial Practice

Encoding format: Plain text

Extended alphabet employed for non-Roman characters: "TH", "th", "g(h)", "["(for "?")

<> enclose passages abbreviated in the ms.

[] enclose editorial emendations

() enclose conjectural readings

(....) might indicate illegible characters in the ms.

£ might indicate less frequent significance of a word if ambiguous

| between two words erroneously written as one by the scribe

^ idicates apostrophe

= = indicates quotation marks

LC keywords

English Language -- Middle English (1100-1500) -- Texts
Devotional literature -- England -- 14th century
Local histories -- England -- 14th century

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Source Description

Transcribed from: Cursor mundi (The cursur of the world) : a Northumbrian poem of the 14th Century in four versions, two of them Midland / from Cotton ms. Vesp. A.3 in the library of the British Mus., Fairfax ms. 14 in the Bodleian Library, ms. Theol. 107 in the Göttingen University Library, ms R.3.8 in the library of Trinity College, Cambridge ; supplemented by mss. Laud 416, Cotton Galba E.9, and mss. in the College of Arms, the Edinburgh College of Physicians, and the Bedford Library ... ; edited by Richard Morris. -- London : Published for the Early English Text Society by N. Trübner and C., 1874-1893. -- 7 v. -- (Early English Text Society. Original series ; 57, 59, 62, 66, 68, 99, 101). -- Partial contents: Part 5. pp. 1587-1637. Appendix 1. Ms. in the library of the College of Physicians, Edinburgh.


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