Canterbury tales


Canterbury tales


Chaucer, Geoffrey, d. 1400


Distributed by the University of Oxford under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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English, Middle (1100-1500)

Editorial Practice

Encoding format: Plain text

Capital letters throughout

Direct speech not indicated

Text forms one block. No internal titles or divisions

File 2 contains the explanation for the line codes as indicating line numbers and textual subdivisions (in place of titles and physical spacing between divisions) to facilitate the location of each line in the work

"]" = "!" (although usual exclamation marks can be found in the text file as well)

"-" (immediately preceded, but not followed, by a letter) = ":" (however, normal colons also sometimes appear in the text)

"-" (immediately preceded and followed by a letter) = "-" (hyphen within a compound)

"-" (neither immediately preceded nor followed by a letter) = "--" (em dash)

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Poems -- England -- 14th century

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Transcribed from: The complete works of Geoffrey Chaucer / [edited by F.N. Robinson]. -- 2nd ed. -- London : Oxford University Press, 1957.


No title in text. Established authority title for this work of Chaucer employed

File 1: the text of Canterbury tales. Note that the last two lines of the original work are missing in the electronic text ("Heere is ended the Book of the Tales of Caunterbury, compiled by Geffrey Chaucer, of whos soule Jhesu Crist have mercy. Amen."). Last twelve lines of electronic text unnecessary duplication of previous lines.

File 2: explains the number codes at the beginning of each line of the text of the first file and contains first and last lines of each textual subdivision (i.e. between the different tales, etc.)

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