Three pamphlets on grammar


Three pamphlets on grammar [Electronic resource]


Bullokar, William, fl. 1586


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English language -- Grammar -- 16th century
English language -- Orthography and spelling -- 16th century
Grammars -- 16th century

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Transcribed from: Bullokars Booke at large : for the amendment of orthographie for English speech .... -- Imprinted at London : By Henrie Denham, 1580. ; and: Pamphlet for grammar .... -- Imprinted at London : By Edmund Bollifant, 1586. ; and: Aeşop&;s Fab'l&;z in tru ort'gra&;phy with grammar-nót&;s : heŕ-ntoo &;ar a'lso ooind the short sentene&;s of the wý&;z Cato' im-printd with lýk form and order / bóth 'of w&;hic&;h ator&;z &;ar translátd ot-of Latin intoo E'nglish by William Bllokar. -- Imprintd at London : By Edmnd Bollifant, 1585. -- Note: &;s is the contraction for "es", &;z represents the symbol yogh, &;p is the contraction for "ph", &;h represents special character "h".


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Contents: Booke at large ; Pamphlet for grammar ; Aeşop&;s Fab'l&;z

Publication based on this text: A preliminary phonology of the vowels and diphthongs of monosyllabic words in William Bullokar's Booke at large, 1580, and Pamphlet for grammar, 1586 / J.R. Turner. -- Thesis (M.Phil.)--Leeds University, 1972.

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