Speculum vitæ / compiled by Christine Robinson


Speculum vitæ / compiled by Christine Robinson


William, of Nassyngton


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English, Middle (1100-1500)

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Devotional literature

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Devotional literature -- England -- 14th century

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Transcribed from: Mirror of life [manuscript] / attributed to William of Nassyngton. -- 14- . -- From ms. add. 33995 in the British Library, entitled: Religious poems, in English. -- In Middle English. -- Title from: Catalogue of the additions to the mss of the British Museum. -- Described in: Catalogue of the additions to the manuscripts of the British Museum, 1888-93, p. 156-57. -- Text begins: Almyghty Godde in trynyte | In wham anely er persons thre. -- With: Poem on Hell, Purgatory, Heaven and the misery of human life. The prick of conscience. Bande of louyng.



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