The pricke of conscience (Stimulus conscientiæ)


The pricke of conscience (Stimulus conscientiæ)


Rolle, Richard, of Hampole, 1290?-1349


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English, Middle (1100-1500)

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Devotional literature -- England -- 14th century
Poems -- England -- 14th century

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Transcribed from: The pricke of conscience (Stimulus conscienti) : a Northumbrian poem / by Richard Rolle de Hampole ; copied and edited from mss. in the library of the British Museum, with an introduction, notes, and glossarial index by Richard Morris. -- Berlin : A. Asher, 1863. -- (The Philological Society's Early English volume). -- "The present volume is printed from the Cottonian m.s., Galba E.ix [in the British Library]"--Pref. -- "We can ... dismiss the once-popular attribution of the work to Rolle, for which there is no foundation whatever"--Oxford history of English literature.


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