Contact Information for the University of Oxford Text Archive

1. Feedback and Contact Information

This page provides our contact information so that you can provide feedback on the archive, ask us for advice, or approach us to deposit your own work in the archive. We are happy to hear from you on any topic. For more information about the archive, see our general About the OTA page. We also have a page of Frequently Asked Questions that you may wish to look at.

2. Contact details

University of Oxford Text Archive
Oxford University Computing Services
University of Oxford
7-19 Banbury Road


You can see a lot more information in our FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions document.

3. Who we are

The staff for the OTA now consist of
  • Martin Wynne, Head of the OTA
The email address for people at OUCS is in the format, with the assistance of numerous other people in the Research Technologies Service in OUCS.
You may also have beeen looking for the following people, who no longer work in the OTA, but are still close by in Oxford.

4. Where we are

The OTA is part of the Research Technologies Service in OUCS.

We are physically situated in the Oxford University Computing Services, which provides general contact and location information and maps on their page About OUCS.